This page is empty, and so am I.
I quit. I'm done. I quit Gaia. I have had it up to here. I have had my account for 5 years now, and Gaia has in the past 2 years consistently disappointed me and beaten me down. I love the people here, and some of the friends I met here (you know who you are, whether we talk anymore or not) I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Anyone reading this may be asking WHY I'm quitting Gaia, but many I'm sure already know why. I'm sick of the policies of this site. I signed up for Gaia because I was told, by everyone I knew, and by Gaia that this was a site dedicated to Well made forums, fun events and avatars, and being entirely free to use. Well Gaia at first delivered on that all fronts.
I got my account, got started and had a blast. zomg was fun to play and a treat to go through. The items available to me took some getting, but through the help of friends, zomg, and booty grab, I managed to get my first dream avi completed.

Things are different now. Inflation is at an all time high. Gaia says they've tried to stop inflation, and they've taken some steps that, granted seem logical. They capped zomg, they made booty-grab tanks harder to access. But they ignored the underlying cause of inflation, G-cash. G-cash has done nothing but contribute to gold inflation. People would buy items with G-cash, and then sell them for ridiculous amounts in the marketplace. This has become so extreme that a some items that once cost 20k gold now cost 300k gold, and people are paying over 1 BILLION gold for a single Halo that has one pose. Now, the only way to consistently get new items is to severely manipulate your stuff in Marketplace (a process which takes months and is BORING AS ********!) or using G-cash... I am currently an unemployed part-time student, so I can't use that either. So much for being a FREE website. Even worse is now EVERY thing gaia has ever put into it's announcements has almost always been G-cash related. and instead of 2 unique cash items being released every month, we get half a dozen items, many of them simple re-colors of previous items. Why should I bother coming to a free website that isn't free anymore.

Gaia used to be fun. Zomg, fun. puzzles? also fun. But here come a whole slew of problems. Has anyone else realized that in the 10 years of it's existence, zomg is still in it's beta? Seriously! 10 years and all they've done is added 2 areas, one of which isn't even actually playable. And while the game was fun while it lasted, grinding against buzz saws and the Ocean dungeon the name of which eludes me, is BORING!! Earning gold on this site was supposed to be FUN! that's the whole reason for zomg's existence. Instead after you reach cl 10.0, it's just DULL! and every time gaia has done something to make the website more fun, like adding new games, it's either become nothing but a cash bomb or otherwise been taken down just as soon as people fell in love with it. I liked Heralds of chaos. it's gone. I have NO incentive to play anything on gaia anymore. And the flash spaces are broken. Seriously, IMVU's 3d chat service provides me a smoother experience with 10 people in a room, music playing from that room, AND while I am looking at another web page. Towns and Towns two bug, glitch, and fall apart way too easily. And don't get me started on the flash spaces that started off fun but they decided to ignore. What about Rally? Why can't we have fun with little cars anymore? and why is the chat system so hard to use on all of these flash spaces? if towns is meant to be a multi-person chat, why doesn't have any way of keeping up with that chat if you look away from your screen? I mean this quite simply, everything FUN that Gaia offered me is no longer fun. And why is this? What excuse does gaia have for zomg barely getting an update and bugging out and having almost no replay value? Especially considering flash programmers hand out free games all the time that i play over and over and over again? NEOPETS Has more fun flash games than gaia. Where did all the fun go?

Lastly we come to the forums, which are untouched. but I'm not a big forum poster, I'll admit. And there are other sites, that don't turn into wallet drains, that let me forum post and chat with friends. I mentioned imvu before, whihc IS a wallet drain if you decide to buy credits and stuff. but you know something funny? it doesn't pretend not to be. Right from the start imvu pretty much tells you credits need to be purchased. Gaia? says it's entirely free till you get into the website. Because items only available for a cost of $100 USD is COMPLETELY FREE! Other sites don't make you pay that much for items. you buy 15 dollars with of imvu credit, you can pick up ~15 items or so. Give or take. 15 dollars of G-cash will net you only one item, and your pickings are slim. Why does gaia expect people to pay so much for pixels? It's insulting. Because now it's to the point where users like myself, who have had an account for 5 years, would log on religously every day, play zomg, attend fish, pick flowers in towns, don't get any reward for that loyalty. Who does get rewarded? every 13-14 year old, younger if they lied about their accounts (you KNOW they did) whose parents don't give two shits about letting them use a credit card. Gaia has become rather like the US Government. "Let's reward people who pay us, and make it so that people who Loyally work for us every day and do nothing but promote our good graces get absolutely nothing. Not even a "thank you for using our service" I know of people who participated in ZOMG's ALPHA test who absolutely hate this website. The same people that got me into the site dislike it now because of the way it behaves.

I could go on indefinitely about this whole thing. But I think my point is clear. Gaia is unfair, unforgiving, and only fun for people whom like to spend money frivolously on things they don't need.

So until the inflation stops, the gold calms down, and the site becomes fun again. I QUIT! I'll not give my items to another account. I'll not sell all my stuff on the marketplace. What few items I have earned I intend to keep for when/if the site decides it's going to be a Fun and Free hangout for intelligent people whom like chibi avatars.

I thank anyone who has read this. And to all the people I used to enjoy this site with: I wish you good luck, and I thank you for the fun we had.

My online contacts are as follows.
IMVU: KaneObscurum
XBOXLive: Kane Obscurum

If I have any other public accounts I start using I shall post them here for my friends and acquaintances to make use of.

Until the time gaia has become fun again, to my friends, I'll talk to you later. To the great people who made this site fun, I bid you Adieu. To the Gaian Staff that had started this site and also the the people I had fun with, Thank you so much. And to the current Gaian Staff that have made this site a rotting cesspool of rewarding the rich, ******** YOU!