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I'm older than most of you Gaians. I love animals, and find myself rescuing poor neglected pets all the time. In the process of setting up my own rescue shelter.

I love games, of all kinds. I started Gaia to play zOMG and enjoy all the events and mini-games Gaia has to offer. I recently became addicted to Backyard Monsters and Mahjongg Dimensions(which will be gone and the end of the month sad ). I also love word games(crosswords etc.), brain games, puzzles and video games of all kinds. (If you ever want to crew for DMS, I'm always down.)

I have a much younger sister who I love heart and miss because I don't get to see her as often as I wish. My best friend in the world is getting married this year. I'm a home body but have been known to frequent the casino(games that pay you money! biggrin ).

I don't know what else to say so for now that's all. If you want to know more, just ask.

(I did this for you, azndreams wink )

A note to all my dear friends on Gaia:

Some of you already know of my relationship troubles to some degree. Things have reached the point where I no longer feel safe here so I'm making my move before it's too late.

Where I'm going is still up in the air and honestly I don't feel it's wise to say once I figure it out. So for awhile I'm not exactly sure how often I will be online although once I'm settled I should have some free time on my hands and your friendships have been what has gotten me through this so far so I'm sure I will be reaching out again soon.

I'm extremely nervous and hope everything goes smoothly. I have to get my kitty ready for the adventure so I should probably get going.

Before I go, I just want you all to know that your friendship has meant the world to me and I hope to be back soon. While I'm gone please take care of my fishies and if possible keep an eye on my zOMG thread.

I love you all very much and truly hope to see you on the other side. Wish me luck, lord knows I need it!

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I try to update my journal with my glow times so be sure to check it out if you wanna grab my booty! All times are in EDT.

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How zOMG! Saved My Life

My story begins in two-thousand and nine
Stumbled into the game, just to kill off some time
But zOMG! quickly became, all I’d want in a game
As I levelled my Rings and my Total Charge climbed.

I conquered the Quests, and defeated EB
But after the rush, I was let down to see
There were no new horizons, no new battles to fight
No more Quests to accept, no “Big Bad” to excite.

Still, there were Rings to level, and Treasures to seek
So I dug in and battled, both mighty and meek
Fluffs and Lanterns and Bugs, were all quickly dismembered
And Kiki was rescued too oft, to remember.

Yet in time I grew weary. I begged “Gaia, create us,
Something new and exciting!”, but wound up on hiatus.
And the hours spent in Gaia, were now just a void
So I dl’d as many games fit on my Droid

Still Gaia remained in the back of my mind
I returned for Events, or occasionally grind
But it seemed the word “grind” far too closely reflected
What zOMG! had become, and I signed off, dejected

Till last year when one night, whilst surfing the web
I stopped for a visit, before heading to bed.
Grabbed my DC’s and lazily browsed through the Forums
Saw some posts in the z!F, and I couldn’t ignore them.

“New Content Created for Zee Oh Em Gee!”
So I put on my Rings, and raced straight to BB!
But looking around was a slap in the face
For it spread out before me, an unfinished place.

Still a few conversations provided a glimmer
Of hope for zOMG!’s future, so I let that hope simmer
And once more rekindled that old fascination
For Gaia and zOMG!; my long lost recreation.

And so, Backyard Monsters, I grudgingly pressed
Into service until I could play DMS
Til one day when I wandered through Bills aimlessly
Saw a crowd at the Gate.
It was open!
And Free!!

And before I knew it, I’d joined in a Crew
Stepped in DMS, with S2B2!
I played like a madman with Kami’s curse had lifted
Then I learned of the Bloodstone, and the powers it gifted

So I rushed out to purchase my most costly Item
Emptied out my Account, sighed, then went out to fight ‘em!
Assured it’d be worth, every penny it cost
When I reached cl12. When at last, I was BAWS!

My first Night Fright was bested with Walt and with Azn
Who inquired, not knowing, his power of persuasion
“Were you on a Mule?”, based upon my bare Profile,
Which inspired me to make one, in my own, quite unique, style.

Then while grabbing some booty , I stumbled upon
Another dear Gaian of whom I’m quite fond
Bronx and I talked about zOMG! and BG
And we bonded almost instantaneously.

So I joined a few Guilds, then I made my first Tank
And it’s Remy and Azn, and Bronx whom I thank
For helping to make what might have been a mess
Become a most lucrative BG success.

Back to zOMG! I grew stronger. There was talk of Attuning
But my first run with Astral left our whole sad Crew swooning
Yet the repeated failures just brought us together
Damien, Darth, Noc and Soa; cherished friends, whom I treasure.

And then finally, success came with one grueling run
Although many assisted, at the end there was one.
My dear Cherry, who’d been with me right from the start
And still, to this day, holds a place in my heart.

Bonding with Spiffy, late into the night
Sharing our stories, finding out we’re alright
Running each Wednesday, with Rafi and Wide
Having people to fill up, what was empty inside

Who could ever imagine, that friendships would grow
With so many people, I might never have known
Were it not for a cute little, fantasy game
It might take place on-line, but it’s real just the same.

So when someone I’d loved, waved a gun in my face
I just packed up my life, and walked out of that place
And though it might seem I was all on my own
I had all of you with me, I was never alone.

For it’s not the Loot, and it’s not the game, that make it all worthwhile
It’s all the people that I’ve met, the laughter, tears and smiles.
And thanks to them I’m proud to say, I’m still around and kickin
And now it’s Kam, and her acolytes, who take a daily lickin

I can't take credit for writing this all by myself. I wrote something similar but all the style and finesse was added by my dear friend, WideEyed. Thanks again for all your help, Wide.


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Quibuz Report | 01/19/2018 5:43 pm
again a bit late, but...
Happy Birthday biggrin
Purrsephone Report | 01/15/2018 1:17 am
A happy, happy birthday to you! ^w^ *hugs and purrs*
Quibuz Report | 01/17/2017 8:26 pm
a bit late, but...
Happy Birthday biggrin
Fred66 Report | 01/16/2016 9:25 am
Hope you had a wonderful birthday. emotion_hug
RafiCat Report | 01/15/2016 10:55 am
Happy birthday! Long time no talk! How are you?
Purrsephone Report | 01/15/2016 1:37 am
Happy birthday, kandykahne! ^w^ *nuzzles and purrs*
RafiCat Report | 11/10/2015 2:09 pm
how are you Kandy? Been a while since we talked. I hope you are well and happy! I don't get on gaia much any more since they took away zomg. crying

I'm playing BYM on FB, I just recently found out it was there. I really enjoy building my yard!

I look forward to hearing from you!
Cannae Report | 10/30/2015 9:13 am

It's nice to see you online, hardly ever see zomg friends on now.
So i had to pop in to say hai. 4laugh

Exx-Static Report | 07/16/2015 6:21 pm
just saying hi...taps for your tank and your cute starfishiessss 4laugh
RafiCat Report | 05/22/2015 2:44 pm
Hey Kandy! Haven't talked to you in a long time, how are you? I'm hanging in there, and currently fostering kittens for a local rescue. biggrin

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