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Hi There. I'm Kiernan. & I'm also RAINBOW BRITE <3 You can call me what ever you wish to call me. <3 I am a lovable person. So don't hate on me, because I love you maann. I'm a Christain But I don't go to church because I'm too lazy to. I Pray to God every Sunday. Always have & always will. I have MANY friends & I LOVE them all. <3 Imma T3CHNO FR3AK. And other bands <3 Yes, I'm Wierd. & I Yo Gabba Gabba. Life? Isn't going so well right now. But I know things will get better sooner or later. O: Imma HUGE fan of Unicorns & Bright colors! <333333 Well I don't know what to say nao. But you can send a message or comment me if you wish to. <3

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Birthday: 06/13

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