I want to point out that:

- I don't take random friend requests *flashes eye at the random people*

- If you do become my friend, don't send me chain letters. If you do, I'm going to delete and/or ignore you~ =]
Simple as that.

- You need to talk to me if you want to become my friend. D: Don't just add me and talk to me for a couple of days and never talk to me again.

- No asking/begging for gold and items because I'm poor. x3 But sometimes I do give them out, but thats only when I feel like it.

I just returned to Gaia from a HUGE break. So I could use some friends.

Now for the intro~


Hi. My name's Jaimie.
J-a-i-m-i-e. Not J-a-m-i-e or J-a-i-m-e
Get the spelling right or I'll most likely get mad at you. :] I'm really moody for those who don't know. I get mad/irritated or cheerful/hyper. Most of the time I'm cheerful/hyper so don't worry so much about me being mad. I love my friends and wouldn't what to do without them. <3 Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. Be rude to me and I'll be rude to you. Got it? =p

Ok now some facts about myself. :]

Name: Jaimie
Age: ??
Bday: 9/14/??
Gender: Female
Grade: ??
Height: 5" 1'
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Race: Korean
Occupation: High school student
Extra curricular activity: Marching/Concert Band
Personality: Shy yet playful/childish and somewhat of a perfectionist.
Plays the... : Piano, Flute, Violin
Likes to... : Play video/online games, Read manga, Watch anime, Hang out with her friends, Watch movies, Listen to music, Draw/Paint, Help out others
Dislikes to...: Read books, Write an essay, Wait in line, Run, Do homework, Do tests/finals, Pressured, Be bothered by snobby annoying people
Has a...: PlayStation 2/3, Wii, DS, PSP
Wants to be a... : Artist/Illustrator and something else.
Fav. Color(s): Blue, Pink, White, Black
Fav. Food(s): Crab, Lobster, Shrimp -- Seafood <3
Most Disliked Food(s): Wasabi, Onion, Garlic -- Smelly food D:
Fav. Season: Winter
Most Disliked Season: Summer
Zodiac: Monkey
Astronomy: Virgo
Gem: Sapphire
Raising gold for...: Dream avatar.

Yup, thats all the information so far I'm going to give out.


AND LIKE OMG <3 I lurve this song's lyrics. It's so touching. biggrin
It's called "Mirrors" from Tales of the Abyss.

One marble fell, immediately followed by another
in a patch of sunshine made for one, only one remains

When a person's heart starts pumping,
they assume a place, even if they dont want to.
and they stay to protect that place, so no one takes it away

Even hands that you've kept clean will appear dirty
before you have a chance to doubt your memory
your memory will doubt you

I'm certain we'll meet one another
our hearts which beat the same, will lead us
cause I'm right here, always calling out to you
when all the old reasons start to lose their ground
I'll know why I'm alive

It's a mirror, to show us each our individual karma
feeling each other with dirtied hands, we'll figure out the shape

I'm right here. You can feel me.
You know we're together
in a patch of sunshine made for one.

Don't forget, cause I never stop calling out to you
from within a marble, identical to yours
that's right, I'm certain we'll meet each other
when we raise crosses at the reasons we buried.
it will fulfill our promise
we will be one.

Here's the Kanji lyrics~

Garasudama hitotsu otosareta oikakete mou hitotsu okkochita
hitotsu bun no hidamari ni hitotsu dake nokotteru

Shinzou ga hajimatta toki iya demo hito ha basho wo toru
ubawarenai you ni mamoritsuzuketeru

Yogosazu ni tamottekita te demo yogorete mieta
kioku wo utagau mae ni kioku ni utagawareteru

Kanarazu bokura ha deau darou
onaji kodou no oto wo mejirushi ni shite
koko ni iru yo itsu datte yonderu kara
kutabireta riyuu ga kasanatte yureru toki
umareta imi wo shiru

Kagami nanda bokura tagai ni
sorezore no karuma wo utsusu tame no
yogoreta te to te de sawariatte
katachi ga wakaru

Koko ni iru yo tashika ni sawreru yo
hitori bun no hidamari ni bokura ha iru

Wasurenai de itsudatte yonderu kara
onaji garasudama no uchigawa no hou kara
sou sa kanarazu bokura ha deau darou
shizumeta riyuu ni jyuujika wo tateru toki
yakusoku ha hatasareru
bokura ha hitotsu ni naru.

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haha no worries. I havnt been online since August. I been busy with school razz you can make if you have the time
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i was in love with you music in profile....
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Happy birthday biggrin Asobitaiiii
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I just sell the items that I wore for real cheap and I get them sold quicker. I loose some gold but I get my next outfit a.s.a.p. >u<

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lmfao take ur time x3

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lmfao oki ^^ My avi's pretty well staying like this . My dream avi is in my profile, and only replaces the go-phones with Class headphones, and the eye patch for a Steel plated headband, and added one more demonic anklets for my arms that's it. So ya its like this fir my main avi =] ^^ <3 Chu~


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