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Done by Suki! <3

Nariko-sensei!!! <3
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My name is Sam. You can call me, Jin Jin, Jinny, Jin, Zero, Kamina...Sam...or just Zero-jin. XD As you know, one of my best freind is
rock n roll-4-eva(thanks con). I love rock, anime, and manga.
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Some of buds on gaia are (wow there's alot):
Inverno(one of my darwing mentors)
Hazel_Angel(aka Leah)
Kitty`(aka Katie)
Dizzy`(aka Maria)
steph x
himitsu doll(shes always kept me confident, thanks ^^ also she is my other parnter in crime haha shes calls me FOO and coco boy >< wink
SwordsBlade(my partner in crime)
Reen Star
~Sahira Nitemaress~(real nice person bestest chick everrr much love for her ) Yes she said that ^^
[Boo (another of my art mentors)
Misha415:kinda a odd a rough start but she is always interested in things i do (such as drawing)
And well... I'll think I'll stop there. i think I'll go past a page or two commemorating all my peeps on gaia if i did go on. XDD lol
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rock-n-roll4eva: CORNELIUS (thanks con, really you gave me the idea)
kill-breath-eat-sleep: MICHAEL
fablefan4eva: MICHAEL (again)
shamedawg: SEAMUS
Zero-jin: mehself
washington13: VINCE
fire at the disco: JACK
goobaloo: CHOLE (sorry if i spelled it wrong)
Gazin: Alex
Otonin:Alex's borther
redeagle13: Kevinstar...
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Misha415: over 400k in items
AngelBlossom: 5000g(thank you) heart blaugh
Goobaloo: 100g(thanx for making me feel better)
[xXxTorn Into PiecesxXx]:1000g mrgreen
kagome_aerith_forlife: 385g
steellord iori: 1900g thanx steel
Ceil-Sera: 200g mrgreen
onecrazyasian: 1500 thank ya
Ryo Cloud Amou: 2310 katana thanx u so much
[-SuperMatt-]: 4357 wink
smiley_girl_1010: 100g 4laugh
Hazel_Angel:6000g o.o
'moosh: 850g thanx dude
gothic.easter.bunny: 4000g thanks
kire_kistune209: 1500g
heero_lover_500:16743g holy carp thank you heart
SwordsBlade: 2500g and avi art thanks Blade apperciate it
Shadows of the Past: 1500g whoppie
Reen Star: silver watch an flowers X3
Dizzy': 1000g ^^
Kitty'; 3000g =D thanx !!!
Demgelic- Items valuing up to over 100k or more. o.o Minky! <33 and a A joker wand ^o^
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Took this on Six Flags (July 14th 2008!!) Why do they have signs like these? O.o
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Name: Kamina Tamotsu
Age: 17

Date of Brith: July 10th

Bio/History: Kamina was born into a family of demon hunters. His Father, Cyrus and his Mother, Rin, where top class, S ranked demon hunters in the Guardian's Clan. The Guardian's Clan is group of elite demon hunters with special weapons that amplifies its normal attack. Cyrus carried a blade, infused with strange engraving on both sides of the sword. Every time he would wielded it the engravings would light up red and a red aura would form around it. Rin held a katana. Old looking, however looks can be deceiving. The katana itself was are hard as all the metals in the Earth combined and when she wielded it its aura would shine blue and would slice anything like butter. Rin and Cyrus, together, where nicked Death, because of how accurate and deadly they where as a duo. They killed powerful demon after the next like child's play.
Kamina was hoped to make the duo a trio. He practiced everyday with his father and his instructor, Master Rodyle while he was 5. Kamina, however was a slow learner. What he lacked was the will-power to kill anything like his father and mother did when hunting demons. He was shy and kept mostly to himself. It was not his fault for being like this though, his expectations in life where very high and seeing him as a great demon hunter was a goal for both his father and mother. But they where relaxed, they did not want to push the boy. His father use to put him in bed saying these words, "Get stronger Kamina, you can do it, there will be always someone looking out for you." Kamina listened well to his father's words. He wanted to become stronger just like his father and mother. However that goal was to be challenged and the words of what his father proclaimed, broken. On a faithful evening night, Kamina was outside of his house leaning on the porch, gazing upon the outstretched stars, wondering how could get better in his training... a fiery explosion rocked the land. It took Kamina off his feet and shocked him..."What could of done that!?" He looked to the east and there a horrible sight awaited him. There stood, the 6 tailed fox, the most powerful demon known at the time. It was regraded to being the ender of civilizations. No one was known to match the power of the beast. Demon slayers and hunters alike where trying desperately, as Kamina watched in horror, to ward off the beast, trying to save their village. But there attempts seem to be in vain as each offensive attack made was easily vanquished by the demon and them they themselves where insinuated by the monster's intense flame. One by one the Guardian Clan fell to the beast...."Could this really be happening..." Kamina's mind raced with these questions, but suddenly stopped as a hand came over his shoulder. Kamina wanted to cry out but his father had no time for words. He dragged his son in their and forcefully threw him into a safe area in the house. His dad said, "Stay here, son...You'll be safe here...Don't come out until we come get you...." His father and mother where staring at him and smiling. This reassured and calmed Kamina a bit for the chaos that was vastly spreading. Another explosion shook the ground, and his Father and mother looked up. "Arghh...dammit...we need to stop this..." His father proclaimed. He turned to Kamina and looked at him again. "Alright son?" Kamina nodded wordlessly at his father and at that his father left the scene. His mother blew a kiss to him and said softy. "We love you Kamina..."And with that she closed the door Kamina was in. He heard the door open then shut. He lit himself a candle to wait out the ordeal. He thought about the good times he, his father and mother had together...but those times...where soon to end tragically.
After hours of explosions and rumbles, the chaos seemed to subside. Unknowingly Kamina thought that his father, mother and rest of the demon hunters had succeeded in putting down the terrible beast. So he opened the door, forgetting about his father's words and entered into what one could describe as a nightmare. As soon as he laid foot on the outside, nothing but death and destruction lay before him. Building where toppled and crushed like rag dolls, fires sparked at random places, and the worst dead bodies laid the land, demon hunters and townsfolk alike. Kamina trembled at the sight, but was more worried about the condition of his own parents. He walked weary into the battle scared earth and weakly called out his father and mother's name into the night. There was no reply. He called again. Still no reply. He started to fear the worst. However, that fear for other would turn into him fearing something more horrible than death itself. A loud breathing broke the silence and the 6 tailed fox walked up out of the shadows and into the light. It was badly wounded and blood ran from all parts. However...the terrifying look in its eyes took Kamina to his knees. The fox was huge compared to him, a 13 year old boy. Surprisingly it knew how to talk and chuckled at Kamina's sight. "He...He...Heh....What do we have here...another human for me to eat..?" It said in a demonic voice. Kamina was now wide-eyed and speechless, beads of sweat leaked down his fearful face. "Heheehe....well...speechless aren't we...well then...I guess if that's all you got to say...I think I'd like to kill you right now..." The beast raised one of its mighty claws in the air and was ready to strike the boy down in one feeble sweep. Tears sprang out of Kamina's eyes as he began to whimper uncontrollably. "If only if i had stayed where I was...then maybe I would not be looking death into its eyes..." The beast launched his attack with great speed. Kamina knew he was dead, but in flash his mother was in front of him, her katana at her front. "Kam-!!" Was all she had time to say as she was swept off her feet, colliding with a building, she was dead in once instance. Kamina grew even more wide-eyed seeing his mother lie dead. Words could not describe what Kamina felt now. But while Kamina had his head turned he had not preempted another strike from the beast. This time however his father came to his defense. He carried a necklace around a knife with him and when the beast struck him down as well, Cyrus stabbed the knife into the hand of the beast which makes it howl. Cyrus's intention was to use the necklace as a charm to forcefully suck in any demon, no matter how powerful and into him so that if he died so would the beast. However, his plan failed, due to the force of the impact that he had not calculated and it threw the knife from his grasp, connecting with Kamina's right cheek. Kamina screamed in pain as the demon was absorbed inside. His father was speechless he he died along his wife...
In the early mourning of the aftermath, many had seen what had happened. Kamina was now an outcast. He housed the demon that killed almost 90% of all the Guardian Clan, as well as his mother and father. Fearful, the towns people exiled him forcefully. Kamina took with him both his father's and mother's swords and the necklace that acted as a seal for terrible demon housed inside of him. The gash on his face would forever represent that horrible day and the curse which was now upon him. He traveled alone for 4 years fending for himself. He wondered what his propose in life was now. He felt nobody would ever care for him any more....Until one day...

Personality: Keeps to self, feeling that anyone that he comes into contact with him will reject him because he has a demon housed in him. Blames himself for what caused his parents death. However he is very kind-hearted and wants to do good for people.
Weaponry: Has two swords, a blade and a katana. Both have magical implements to make them stronger than an average sword.

Appearance: Most of his clothing is a mix of armor and just regular clothing. His whole left arm is covered in straps, chains and armor, his hand is gloves less. Vice-versa his right arm is short-sleeved and has a piece of cloth tied around it. His right arm is gloved with straps to support it. His face houses a scar on the right side of his face and he wears two feathers that drop down to about chin length from where they are attracted to his hair. Two other accessories in link to where is his feathers are extend upward. His top goes to about mid way till bandages start to appear to the belt-line. He wears belts in the front of his chest to support the weight, although he does not really need it. A necklace hangs from his neck. He wears it in fear that if he doesn't the monster will break out of him. He wears a black belt and two other belts to support his swords up on his waist. He wears dark blue pants. The left side of it has been torn off to knee length, so Kamina tied it down to secure it. His shoes are armor plated as well with a chain that goes around the circumference of the shoe with straps to hold it in place.

Powers: When angry he can unleash the power of the demon inside him. This grants him incredible strength and speed. A dark red-orange aura encircles him. The aura itself takes the shape of a fox, with two ears forming from the aura around Kamina's head a tail. Besides sword skills, Kamina knows a verity of magic and summoning techniques. He focuses his magic on thunder, lighting, and wind.

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In other News...:

WTF!! O.o;
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Shhh.... >W< Don't tell Cat....
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By Yashy <3333
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BEACH <33333 (or pool) o.o;
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Art Stuffs! =] Me and Miyu.
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People i still need to do art with:
-Catalystic Love
-Myself x3
-Hazel Angel

and so on...

if your my friend and want to be in a pick with my avi, just me..and I will get to it...eventually x.x;

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Such As A Nice Way To Wake Up in the Mourning :3... <.<
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Kamina Tamotsu

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Kamina Tamotsu

Its called Tales of the Abyss

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your background is that an anime? if so can i have the name?

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