LIKWHOA.. it's Kami.

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Clothes. Enough Said.

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So.. um. This is me. Yah.

Yes, it's true. I'm quitting. I'm just not that interested anymore. Tata forever everybody! <3


Anyways, I'm Gianna. (Bet'cha can't pronounce that!)
I'm 15, or pretty darn close to it anyway.
I live.. somewhere. What does it matter where I live anyway? Are you like a ***** or something?
I'm female, at least last time I checked I was. (That was me trying to be funny, just so you know! I'm positive I'm a girl!)


I have interests too. Incase you were wondering.
Such as piano, reading, writing, chocolate, all that good stuff.
As well as Meagan. We're so not lesbian. <33
School's fun too. I know. Just say it. LOSER!
I KNOW! Sudoku puzzles rawkmysawks. <3
Listening Singing REALLY loudly to music while dancing is fun. As in.. FUN!
..And I also enjoy playing music on piano, bari sax, and cello! (Overachiever.. I know. I'm a terrible person.)
I also like attending church, because, well.. I LOVE JESUS. Dude.. it felt good to get that off my chest.
'So You Think You Can Dance' is like one of my favourite shows.. EVER. I love it.. almost as much as I love Trenji. Oh screw. Benji won, so it's ALL ABOUT BENJI.
But, I have to say that 'Gilmore Girls' trumps all tv shows. Because.. IT RAWKS MY FACE MORE THAN ANYOTHER ONE!


You should download:
- Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
- London Bridge by Fergie
- Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking her Clothes Off by P!atD


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So, that would be the end. Thanks for stopping by!
Lata' chickies! <33

Call Me! ..Stalk You.

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[.Cho.] Report | 09/22/2006 6:54 pm
I can't believe you
I'm so happy I see you everyday ^w^
Otherwise I'd DIE!
[.Cho.] Report | 09/16/2006 3:46 pm
You changed your hair!!?
Looks really good ^^
[.Cho.] Report | 09/14/2006 1:25 pm
You might quit NOH freakin' way~
T.T Least I see you everyday nowww!!
[.Cho.] Report | 09/12/2006 2:00 pm
..... SLUT!
I'm NOT kidding.
[.Cho.] Report | 09/08/2006 4:27 pm
[.Cho.] Report | 09/02/2006 9:09 pm
Yu have a hook fer a HAND!!
Shay~Sylph Report | 09/01/2006 6:53 am
Hi! What's up!! i miss u! what guild do you hang out in the most?
luv Shay
[.Cho.] Report | 08/31/2006 8:37 am
Call me!!
[.Cho.] Report | 08/30/2006 3:40 pm
GET off the FLIPPIN internet!
[.Cho.] Report | 08/29/2006 9:22 pm
I'M SO freakin' EXCITED!!



Cho Kami