Hello everybody. My name is Ryuki Ivanov. Nice to meet you all.
17 years of age, pulling in this wreck from Brooklyn, New York.
Coming at you at a staggering 5 feet, and 7 inches and too many pounds to count.
I would love to be able to leave Brooklyn and move into Manhattan or even some parts of Long Island. Unfortunately, this won't be possible for a long time to come.
By the time you read this, I still won't have a job.
So what do I do with my time? I play bass for The Downtown Action. We have stuff for you to listen to. Go enjoy it.
I live with music, and I love with music, its always been there for me.
I listen to a wide variety of music. I mainly just like music that makes a person feel.
Most music today sucks a** though. Jesus Christ.
Speaking of Jesus, I'm not religious at all, I study religions though but I would never see myself following one, I prefer learning from all the religions of the world and following my own set of morals and having my own opinion on the afterlife.
Of course, I'm not right, since I haven't died yet.
I'm highly open-minded and respect everyones opinion whether I consider them wrong, cruel, absurd or just plainly idiotic.
Because with opinions, you're neither right or wrong. To be open-minded, you have to accept that you're both. You're right to yourself, and wrong to those who oppose your beliefs.
Shame more people don't feel the same.
I'm for gay marriage and I believe in abortion.
I don't smoke cigarettes
But I'm not straight-edge.
I happen to say a lot of rude jokes, often demeaning others or finding humor in a tragic situation.
If you don't like it, well, that's too bad.
I'm actually very friendly and help others in times of need.
I'm a very peaceful person, I don't involve myself in violence nor in dramatic situations that don't involve me, I also do not let others involve me in situations where my presence isn't necessarily needed.
My parents are originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico.
I'm a descendant from a Taino Indian in Puerto Rico who called themselves Boriquen. We were the first to greet columbus.
That must've been quite a shitty meeting.
I have a lot of interest in things most of you would consider for children.
I collect toys for ******** sake, and I don't mean for collectional purposes, I mean, I collect and play with toys.
I watch things like Super Sentai which happens to be the original japanese version of power rangers.
I enjoy watching Godzilla films and other kaiju films such as Gamera.
I watch anime, mainly Naruto and Bleach, but I hope to start something new soon.
I love food. I'm a fat kid.
My favorite is asian food. I love super heroes. I read comics a lot, I even buy them.
I also watch Tokusatsu, which is basically costumed heroes who battle monsters in japan. Example: Ultraman
My room is full of kid stuff.
I have a girlfriend, who looks like a kid.
Her name is Linda, and she's short and an odd girl
But I do love her.
I guess thats all I'll say for now?


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Alternative Zero


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Josh is a whore.
Pixel Kimchee

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Pixel Kimchee

Ya know.

If you want to keep the crayons so bad,

just say it.

Don't have to say you ate them.

Pixel Kimchee

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Pixel Kimchee

No, don't want those markers you ate.

Give us the crayons.


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Pfft, I bet they ARE in your pocket. =) You didn't check. ;]

Oh me and shinpuru? We're two crazy weird people that like to bother people about crayons. Cause crayons will rule the world one day. :3

So... Will you give back our crayons? :3

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oh fishing eh sounds like a blast haha.

catch any guppies?

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hey sup buddy?

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Are you sure you don't have any crayons? I bet they're in your POCKET! :3