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I am a 20-year-old Illustration Major. I love dogs, art, singing, and my boyfriend, Dylan. 9/27/14<3
I have whatever music I'm obsessing over in the Music section of my profile.

[5/12/2016 10:24PM]
[5/12/2017 5:36AM] (Holy s**t a year exactly since I last updated^
I want to be an illustrator to make my own comics and characters that will make people happy. I come online only every now and then but don't hesitate to message me.
I don't have many friends on here anymore but I'd love to make new ones! Feel free to drop me a PM. I do art trades and such, just ask me! Thank you for visiting.
Have a wonderful day.

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21 // Illustration Major
Art by me.

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Kalista Raine