Well hello Gaiaonline.com
Its me, khali, obviously.

I havn't been on this website in such a long time. This is probly one of the last times I will edit this. I guess Im just doing it because Im REALLY bored. =)

So alot has changed since my last login on the website.
Nice to see its still popular. ^^

Umm.. About me. Well my hair is dyed black now, but my eyes are still the same colour. D:
I made some new friends. Not alot, Im still friends with my old ones of course, like Corri, Emily, Michaela, Megan, Holly, and everyone else even though they may not have Gaia. I still live in Kingston, Ontario. But I was born in Toronto and lived in Mississauga for 8 years. Oh btw , im 15 now. My birthday is January 23, 1994. =) In a year or so, I might move back to the GTA. Im not entirely shure what the reason... But what can I do.

My taste in music is different. I like DeathCore and Thrash, but I like almost anything metal. Some people may not call it that, but I DONT CARE. My favorite bands as of July3, 2009 (I put a date because it will obviously change and ... yeah. Don't judge me lol.)

Whitechapel, Carnifex, Through the Eyes of the Dead, UnderOATH, DevilDriver, As I Lay Dying, As Blood Runs Black, Job for a Cowboy, Burning the Masses, Korn(Lol?), Parkway Drive, Metallica, Megadeth, BOO!, The Devil Wears Prada,
and occasionally - Winds of Plague. So yeah, music is a huge deal to me and like, most of the world lol? =D

Im going to a Metallica concert in November with my sister and Holly. Emily's favorite band has always been Metallica, so it should be fun. :3

I have been spending most of my time on my xbox360. If you want to add me, thats alright, I just dont often add people I don't know. Regardless, here is my gamertag - Panzerjager1943 . If Im not on that account, I may have changed my gamertag to WTFxDeadlySquid. =) Games I play include - Halo3 [I HAVE A ******** KATANA, b***h.] , Left4Dead [******** Zoey. >__>], Gears of War [1,2] RockBand & GuitarHero [Expert Guitar, ftw] , SilentHill:Homecoming [Scariest Game EVER. I swear.], Sims2 [Although it is an original xbox game.] Im pretty much always talking to shad. :]

SO YEAH. If you read that all you must have no life. But who am I to talk , I just wrote it. O.o;

Bye . :3