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About Me
The name's Kakatary, but you may call me Kat. Here is a list of my interests:

♪ I'm an artist ♪
♪ I sing ♪
♪ I love roleplay ♪
♪ I can draw ♪
♪ I enjoy writing ♪
♪ I'm vegan/vegetarian (depending on my workout schedule) ♪
♪ I do origami ♪
♪ I shop (duh!) ♪
♪ I exercise ♪
♪ I love Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball ♪
♪ I love hanging with my friends ♪
♪ I'm sweet, but only to people who deserve it ♪
♪ I'm fascinated in Egyptian history♪
♪ I'm attending Berkeley University for college ♪
♪ I'm a California Gurl ♪
♪ I speak German ♪
♪ I own a Hogwarts roleplay guild... that is actually good ♪
♪ I am for eco-friendly products and mindsets ♪
♪ I play Dungeons and Dragons ♪
♪ I'm happily taken ♪

Avvie Art
Art by Prendillina
Art by Me
Art by Utsuha Moon

Dream Avvie

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Total Value: 3,332,268 Gold
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Item List:
Blue Tone Limbs Stockings
Soft Sugarlace
Marquis de Marquee
À la Fondue
Picolitrosso's Urn 9th Gen.
Marquis de Marquee
The Lusty Scoundrel
Noel's Gift
Fallen Wish 8th Gen.
À la Fondue


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Kakatary's Journal

A basic journal about anything that I want to write about. Poems, stories, adventures that have no meaning. It's all here ^.^ .



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Report | 08/09/2012 11:11 am


Hello dear!
How are you and your lovely family, I hope fine?
My name is miss saviour,
I became interested in you after viewing your profile information in this site,
I know that a journey of one thousand miles must begin with one step,
I will be happy to hear from you through my e-mail
address (saviourmabu11@yahoo.in) for us to
know more about each other and share photos
All I need is love with trust,someone who will
always be there for me to show me the real taste of
love as a friend and a sister, hoping to hear from you soon,
thanks and God bless you,
yours Saviour
Skuld HJG

Report | 08/08/2012 5:08 pm

Skuld HJG

Nevermind, Spazalots just told me that you set me to friends.. Thanks
Skuld HJG

Report | 08/08/2012 5:07 pm

Skuld HJG

I just tried to PM you back, but it's set to friends only. sweatdrop

Report | 07/23/2012 10:44 pm


whats up?

do you like animes?

Report | 07/23/2012 6:36 pm


Angstbucket Edgelord

Report | 04/29/2012 10:40 am

Angstbucket Edgelord

Heythere, this is Poppi, owner of the roleplaying guild The World is Ours. I was wondering if you would like to affiliate our guilds? Heres the link:


Report | 02/05/2012 3:48 pm


I just had a quick question about the application to your Guild, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Roleplay Guild. For the sample of my writing style, does the excerpt have to be Harry Potter related or can I use something from another roleplay I have done? I just want to clarify.
Ura the rainbow King

Report | 12/11/2011 2:31 am

Ura the rainbow King

Dear Miss Kakatary
I am writing to ask you if you would be of the mind to partner with me in a new guild quest I was considering starting. I have been a member of your Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Role-play Guild for over 10 months now and I have been greatly inspired. However, I noticed that there was no guilds that were directly related to my cause. My guild is still in the infant stages, but I am willing to use any and all suggestions you give me and make you Vice Caption. I would be over joyed if you would help me on this quest, if only by giving me hints, and even more if you would partner with me. It is very hard to do a guild with out good advice and good helpers.

(A note. You forms say to PM you, however only your friends can PM you. As such, I am posting this here. Please do not think I am rude.))

Report | 12/03/2011 12:50 pm


The Newbie Support and Training Guild wishes you a belated Birthday!

Report | 12/02/2011 10:39 am


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^


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