Hello everyone! 0/

You must be reading about me for the first time so let me introduce myself yum_puddi

.:Friendly person:.

I am a friendly person. I welcome people with a smile on my lips, either I know them or not. Call that education or what so ever but I am a person you can deal with easily.

.:Thy Compaxion:.

I just can't say "No". It's something terrible because even when you know you shouldn't give in you always end up doing so, and get screwed at the end.

. razz atience = Virtude:.

My main virtue is patience. I have to stand up sometimes thou I don't like to but I am not given any other choice. I hate when people oppose me. Especially when it's only to bug me and I know it.

I could make a huge testament on myself but I guess that kind of stuff is quite unecessary because to really know a person is to deal with him/her and get to know his/her goods and bads.