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joe bollywood Report | 10/16/2009 1:49 pm
joe bollywood
i sow that comment u just made
Bardroy Report | 04/02/2009 2:39 pm
-burns comments-
-Suzuki_Yuu- Report | 03/29/2009 10:34 am
Konnichiwa, Bard-san~
Shinigami Undertaker Report | 03/28/2009 11:23 am
Shinigami Undertaker

CB = Chatterbox

Mule = alternative accounts/ names here on Gaia. Alot of people have more than one account on here, and usually called mules as they hold other junk for the main account or something of that nature.

What is your current tanking in the arenas right now? Some where close to the top 10?
Shinigami Undertaker Report | 03/27/2009 6:03 pm
Shinigami Undertaker
Good luck with that.

Post alot in the CB, that's what I did and if you have friends with alot of mules...
Shinigami Undertaker Report | 03/27/2009 11:02 am
Shinigami Undertaker
You're welcome.

Hope you do well with it. You only have a few days left.
Shinigami Undertaker Report | 03/25/2009 6:21 pm
Shinigami Undertaker
Thanks. Maybe in the future will enter the shinigami form of him.

Also I told a few other Kuro cosplayers in towns about you.

You can goto 1023-8 the cosplay block and let yourself be seen in towns to get votes.
Shinigami Undertaker Report | 03/25/2009 4:01 pm
Shinigami Undertaker
Yes, you were in the spotlight. =D

=D Thanks, hope you do well with it. You have a good cosplay going.

And you're welcome.
Kopeland Report | 02/09/2009 1:37 pm
Thank you for the vote. User Image
bysnape Report | 01/27/2009 4:46 pm
cool i give you 5/5

kaji sajirobi

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my names jaki.
i know it appears that i am a male.
but i only use this profile to do male cosplays.
don't be confused.
want more?
check out my real profile.

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Current Cosplay:Monkey D. Luffy

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At the beginning of the series, he accidentally eats a devil fruit, causing his body to gain the properties of highly stretchable rubber. After his life is saved by Shanks as he is only seven years old, Luffy decides to achieve the tantamount goals of finding the series' titular treasure and succeeding Gold Roger as King of the Pirates. Ten years later, wearing Shanks' straw hat, he sets out to sea to gather a crew and sail the Grand Line.

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spastic jaki

I'm gonna be King of the pirates!