About me? Well, that's really none of your business. You don't need to know my name because I have bestowed one upon my pixel. You may refer to me by that. Interests? Anime...obviously. Where do I live? In a shoe box. What's my favorite color? I doubt you're going to track me down through that...so green. Or blue. But it might be red...you never know. Friends? Yes! They're really cool...but I'm the only one who can see them...unless you have a magic cow! Favorite treat? Green Tea ice cream! What do I look like? Well, I have...........ears. And two eyes and a mouth and nose. I might have hair. But then again, I might not ( you really thought I was gonna say something about myself didn't ya?)> So you've read this far and all you know about me is that I like green Tea ice cream and Anime. Whoppdee doo. But now I'm going to tell you why I've done this. There are lots of people in this world. Most just want to live their lives and won’t bother anyone. But others...they want to hurt people. Those are the type of people you hit. Really hard...preferably with something sharp. To prevent myself from being threatened by that type of person however, I'm not telling them anything about me. That makes it that much harder for me to become one of their victims. So nyah.

Oh yes and Dear Raziel if you ever read this...Xinny and I are sisters..In real life...Two seperate people...Not one person with mule accounts. Got that? Good.

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Disaster comes in many different forms. It comes upon the wings of an epidemic, in the wake of a storm. The thundering of war drums is its tatoo. If left alone, if ignored, it will spread throughout every home, infecting every heart, twisting every mind and warping every value. When every last brave soul is beaten, when every last courageous spirit is broken and their backs danced upon by agony, the genocide of humanity will begin
Unless you stop it.

Welcome to Mishaps, where it is our goal to stop disaster before it causes the destruction of mankind. Help repair the broken ties between waring countries, prevent the infection of monsters into the outside world and even get some stupid cat out of a tree. After all...every good deed counts. It's your choice my good friend, We'll be waiting.


Why Icarus Fell

Reasons why the world needs help... And why I deserve a vacation.




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