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Occupation: Guardian of light

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Hi, welcome to my Profile. I'm Kairi. its nice to meet you. Feel free to talk to me anytime. I promise to respond to you whenever I can.

let me invite you to my world. This is where you can find me. Just remind me what your name is so then I know its you.
The Kingdom of Our Hearts

The most memorable exchange of Pms ever:
(A hopeful transmission) Kairi's Dream Destiny Islands

Riku the Dark Pancake

-was spying on your guys's comments like a creeper, sorry.-
-your profile video brings back horrible traumatic memories for me-
-slinks off back into the shadows because I don't want you to remember me that way-

-I know he's the one you miss and I'll find a way to get him back to you someday-
-I'll put the two of you back together, and stay where I can't hurt either of you anymore-

Riku! : o *hurries forward a few steps* Don't go yet. Listen.. maybe things didn't go right.. or go the way we planned them to.. but the things I treasure most, are the memories we shared on Destiny Island. Growing up together. The games and laughter. Those sunsets we used to sit and watch together, wondering about other worlds.. The Island isn't the same without you two. I miss you both.. But I know you'll come home someday. I'll be waiting for you, until that day comes. But I'm glad I could meet you guys here, at least. I come whenever I have the chance, hoping to see and talk to you. *steps forward and hugs him* Be safe. Wherever you are.

Riku the Dark Pancake
-gak! got caught/hugged while trying to sneak away-
So Sora pulled you into his dreams? Should've figured... You're the one who's most
special to him. Of course he'd dream about you.
-glances off to the side-
I'm sorry.
I'll fix all this somehow.

( It's cool to have somebody else doing the dream thing with us. )

Don't you worry about that now. *lifts head up to the sky* ...the sky.. and.. the breeze.. it feels different here. Embrace it for awhile. We are all here. Its all that should matter. *smile*

listen... even the birds here sing differently...

(Riku POV )

I want you to know, that no matter what you do, whatever road you take on the journey, youre still my best friend, and I love you the same. Just as the same as when we were younger.Don't ever forget. That, I promise you, wont ever change.

Riku the Dark Pancake
Thanks, Kairi.

I tried so hard to save you, but I guess Sora ended up saving both of us...
I'm just glad you're okay now.

I knew you'd go to do as much, Riku. Thank you, for always being there for me. And Sora. I'm really happy to know you are okay too. And even more so to know we can all meet here, at least. So why not make the most of it? this place, our dreams.. we can make our own world here. And we can make it a great one. What do you say?

Riku the Dark Pancake
I'll try.

I guess this place will probably be the last time we can all be together like this.
Sora can't stay asleep forever. He was to wake up, and that means,
the dream has to eventually end.

Don't say that..
*gives a small smile, a hint of sad realization in her eyes, that quickly vanishes as something else comes to mind*
its true, but we can make it a reality. It doesn't have to end here, Riku..

but don't think about that so much right now. Don't be afraid to dream, and live your dreams. This place is free. Let your heart be free to soar. The world is ours. Nothing that you worry about outside, matters while you're here. Leave it behind, and just let yourself dream on. ^_^

So I dont remember falling asleep. Did I tell you or did I just randomly fell asleep?

^_^ you passed out. <3 I knew because I said something and then you didn't respond, and then you disappeared. So I figured you did.

XD yea I can imagine me sitting there not doing anything. I was laying in my bed so comfy it was hard not to sleep but I needed sleep

*kisses* you did. But you were being so stubborn.. Xp
Morpheus/Sandman took you anyway.

Lol it was worth it. I enjoyed every second we had. Morpheus saw I was a strong one

That mystical creature works under Father Time you know x)

Well its nice to fall asleep in your arms. It was so nice

I cuddled you and kissed your face until you disappeared. ^_^ <3
I felt happy knowing you did ^_^

Your so sweet. I love you. I dont know what to tell you I just find it so nice you stayed with me as long as you did.

I wanted to.. <3 I enjoy doing it so much..
Did you know that? I love you.. *kisses softly*

Where you expecting me to wake up? Or did you figure I knocked out for good?

*giggles and shakes head* I knew you'd be gone and snoozing soon. X) <3
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Lol yea I could only fight it forso long and that pic fits what happened so well. -kisses you-

hee hee. Of course. You and sleep... Hopeless. X) <3 *kisses back* <3

I saved the image for memories. I may place it on my profile

X) maybe you can copy and paste this on your profile in the "about me"

Doing it x3

Same! <3 x)

Im such a lazy bum XD


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commentary is disabled, because its just meant to be for considering. Some things are not meant to be spoken about, and thats okay. Otherwise it could ruin the personal reflection.


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AnimusHelixRebirth Report | 02/19/2021 7:24 am
Hello, How was your Valentine's Day 2021?
AnimusHelixRebirth Report | 11/18/2020 6:35 pm
Hello, Kairi. What will you be doing for Christmas?
AnimusHelixRebirth Report | 11/02/2020 10:42 am
Hello. What's new? How was Halloween 2020?
Lucid Hallucinogen Report | 05/28/2019 7:41 pm
Lucid Hallucinogen
Hello 3nodding
CloudyArcana Report | 08/17/2018 7:29 pm
yea for sure! awesome Kairi!
BOMB4Y Report | 07/31/2017 6:39 pm
Yo Kairi surprised I was checking my profile and sorta saw your name there. Sorry I have my PMs and profile comments disabled, I kinda use them for admin stuff. now, if you wanna chat and all feel free to just quote me in a thread in cb or some forum that allows chat or something gonk totally sorry about that!!
Agagaga123 Report | 06/24/2017 4:00 pm
Agagaga123 Report | 06/23/2017 12:22 am
You don't belong in the Realm of Darkness. I'll take you to a safe place, one where your light can continue to shine. Somewhere you can dream... where your joys sleep.
Close your eyes. Your light will be kept safe. In time you will awaken as you once were. I won't let your light fade. Dive to your heart.. go where your most precious of memories take you. I'll lock the shadows out away from your heart. Rest easy... sleep.

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forsagia Report | 06/22/2017 10:41 am
*Hugs back tightly*
Radiant Nobody Report | 06/21/2017 8:16 pm
Radiant Nobody
Kind of you. Thank you


in honor of a dear friend
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