History of the Lowingrads :
The Lowingrads began over a year ago. First, they met as a large RPing group in Towns. After some time, they had created a huge network of a roleplay consisting around the simple subject of... The Lowingrad Manor. The Lowingrads are a group of friends, but most off, we are a large family. We love one another, we cherish each others presence, and we make sure we help out each other no matter what. The Lowingrad name was founded by none other than myself, Kaine Lowingrad. Where Veer Dae -- my original name before Kaine -- came from is a strange history that I cannot explain myself. The Lowingrads may be but a small group, but we will always be family, and no one can take that from us.

Love is our resistance.


Welcome to the Family

Samuel French, Angela 'Brooke' Cox, Devan Moffet, Alexis McVey, and Sean (aka Jas).

User Imagen the beginning, there were no gates. The only reason the gates came to exist would be from the secession by the jealous one; then would come the Heaven and Hell gates. As time went on, there were three angels who caught God’s eyes, and showed great devotion to God. And God, in Her infinite wisdom, bestowed a gift upon the three angels.

The first was Raphael, the Healing Hand, who of which was given the Shangri-La Gates; these gates were as a medium between Heaven and Hell, or known to the Earthly Humans as Purgatory. Within the Shangri-La Gates resided a sort of Romanic Empire architectural design, and theme. Within these gates were an elite force known as the Silver Wings. The angels were much like the others, except they wore silver robes and armor, and had silver-lined feathers on their wings. The angels were there for the protection of the gates more than as enforcers and watchers. The gate’s door design showed a balancing scale, of which a cloud with a rising sun was on the left, while a burning man rested upon the right.

Michael, the Pure One, was strangely given the most ‘punishing’ of the gates. Others thinking of it as more of a reprimanding for some deed he had once done, Michael knew it was carefully chosen for him. Michael was given the Necropolis Gates, or known to Angels and Demons, the Black Hearth Gate. The gate was a wasteland, ever-changing to depict the world’s darkest hours in its never-ending void. The buildings, that have been and will be, are all inside of this gate. The last of the buildings has a tower that holds a clock. The clock had stopped at 9:42 AM on a very specific date. The demons that reside within the gates are known as the Forsaken; fallen angels unable to adapt to the human ways, and not wished to join the demons of Hell. They wear full black robes, and a mask to block their sewn eyes and mouths; as they could not see the light of God, and spoke ill of Her, they would be sentenced to seeing none and speaking no lies or truth for all eternity.

Gabriel, the Uncorrupt, was given the Ether Gates, which was known as the White Gates or the True Heaven. The reason behind the gates being known as True Heaven was the fact that it was the place where all good souls actually passed on to. God, in her infinite wisdom once again, thought that keeping Angels in Heaven, and the good and righteous in the Ether Gates would less confuse Angels and Archangels, and also leave the good and righteous out of harm’s way if war was to fall upon Heaven once more. As the gates would hold it, those within were known as the White Robes; every inch covered in white robes and armor - besides their face - and their wings shown pearly-white. In what many would never have known, this Angel would also be a woman. Thought so to be a man by some, but through history was mistaken as such; as one may find that Gabriel was the one to come to Jesus’ mother before conception, she was originally the barer of the child, and was told by God to pass her seed upon a mortal woman. Jesus was, in all aspects, still God’s child; as she was the one who induced the pregnancy upon Gabriel, but only after the second gift of God was given.

As more time passed on the three angels would be bestowed a second gift; the gift of the humanly perpetuation, or otherwise known as - they were able to have children. The first of the Angels to procreate would be Michael; of which would procreate with Seraphel, the Angel of the Songs. In a strange turn of events, Seraphel would actually have twins instead of just one child. The children were named Samael and Uriel. Samael, although a very troublesome angel and becoming a Fallen at that, was still in the favor of God. Samael was a charming angel, and knew how to speak his way out of situations. He would become what would be known as the Left Hand of God. Samael would come to be Abbadon’s assistant, and become an Angel of Death. He helped in the plagues of Egypt, yet did not find it as the only way they had in order to show the wrath of God; Moses would pray to Her that he not fall in to this Angel’s hands at one time. Uriel would go to Metratron, the Angel of Death, and would become the Killer of Angels; Uriel was sent by God to kill the Fallen and Archangels who have spoken down on God’s name at one time or another. In a small spar to see who would gain the Gates from the Father, Michael, Samael threw Uriel to Earth, and upon the way down had taken Uriel’s blade. In the end, as Uriel was disarmed and could not fight further from the injuries in the fall; Samael took the gates.

Against Michael’s best wishes, Seraphel would stray from him. She went to Raphael, which would produce a son named Constantine. Constantine is not a well-recognized Angel, as he was dependent upon his work as a Commander in the Army of Heaven. Raphael would give the gates to his only son, and teach him the need of such a gate in the stand of the Heaven and Hell Pillars. Although Constantine was not their brother, Samael and Uriel would grow a bond with their half-brother. They grew even closer after the mysterious slaying of Raphael, in which he was sent to Earth and thought to be slain by Azrael. Azrael was as Samael, an agent of both Heaven and Hell, but was forsaken to live his days in Hell.

Lucifer would grow irate by the gifts of which God had bestowed upon the three archangels; most of which he was irritated that they had gotten two gifts. He would begin to round up Fallens and Demons, so that he could lay siege upon Heaven in his irritancies. God, seeing as how the uprising could pose some threat, decided to send her Angels down to the Asphodel Meadows Mock in the first level of Hell, or limbo. There, the two angels Michael and Gabriel would command the three Sons of Angels, and an army that outnumbered the demons five to one. The demons and Fallens had been waiting for them, and began their siege at the sight of the angels. Those who were stuck in limbo sought refuge within the castle that was placed in the meadows. The beginning of the battle was a violent clash of weapons and claws. Even though the angels outnumbered the demons and Fallen, the angels could not hold against all the abominations and monstrosities that resided in Hell. As the battle turned towards the worse, a demon would grab Michael and pierce his chest through with a blade. As they were in a place of Holy meaning – even as unholy as it was – his death would be permanent. Samael, who had been thrown from his father’s side by an explosion of fire, would see his father just in time to hit the ground. Samael flew in to a mad rage, as he cherished only God above father. In this rage, the Black Hearth Gates would open. The pillars of the doors burst from the ground, growing to their sixty foot tall capacity. The doors formed between the pillars, showing each person who had been taken in with two of the Forsaken latching on to them, scribed in to the doors.

As the doors echoed through the fields when they opened, even the abominations stood in horror of what these doors possessed. Angels and Archangels would stare as the large set of doors opened. Within the Gates of the Necropolis, hands sprung forward and barbed chains latched on to enemies. Countless creatures and demons would be dragged in to the gate, as the Forsaken appeared around Samael. One of them, known only to Samael as Schatten, would place a necklace before Samael. Schatten lifted Samael by his collar, and said upon him, ”You shalt cry for thy father’s death, but take in to account that his sacrifice will go unanswered. An angel of God he was, and he shall be remembered as such. Although I am but one of the Forsaken, we pledge ourselves in Her honor and glory… As I am the Forgiven, I will guide you with these Gates, and give my wisdom and strength to you. Take this armor; it shall protect you from your enemies, and give thee a power that not even God should give Gabriel, one of Her most appreciated Archangels. Take it, and become the Angel of both Heaven and Hell; the Harbinger of Death. Be thy blade and thy shield, and thee shalt die in frutile squabbles.” With that, the Forsaken and Schatten the Forgiven, had perished back in to the gates. The gates dissolved in to a fine black mist, and so Samael placed the necklace upon himself. As he placed his hand over the pendant, an action that came to his mind from Schatten’s knowledge given to him, armor formed over Samael that reminded one of bone. Strangely enough, the bone armor, with the help of a long and tattered cloak, is what many came to see as Death himself. The bone armor was seen to be as an actual person’s bone, but was truthfully the armored shell which remained over Samael when on Earth at times and in Hell.

As God did not give clearance, and neither did Gabriel, of Samael’s use of the punishing gates of the Necropolis; God cast Samael from Heaven. Samael had become a Fallen, but was not in disfavor in Her eyes. He was given a second chance, and his gates remained with him; along with the armor. God appeared to Samael, ”Thee used the most unholy of gates to destroy the unholy in a bit of rage. It was not needed, but it does not affect Heaven in any form.. I forgive thee as such, and ask that you do assist me. I ask that you stay here on Earth, watch over it, and destroy what demons may lurk and kill the fragile and unprotected humans. Thy armor and blade will protect thee.. your father’s blade waits for you in Heaven and so does thy family. Come, we shall talk.” Samael was granted permission in Heaven, and took the honor of such. He came and met with his brothers. Gabriel gave Samael his father’s blade, and told him of the news of pregnancy; the blade was made of what looked like obsidian, and could be said to look like a five foot long butcher knife. Many years had passed, and he was happy for Gabriel. Samael turn to God, and looked upon Her light chocolate skin. He bowed to Her, and spoke of his promise to not dispute or go against Her will again. She smiled and forgave him, but what was done to him was not something She could take back. His wings would forever remain as charred bone.

Gabriel would give birth to a baby of which she would give the name Lilith. Lilith would become the next Ether Guardian; as a child, even against Gabriel's will, the White Robes took baby Lilith and molded her in to an Ether Guardian. Lilith still strayed from the White Robes to meet with her mother, which made them angry and put her under what could be called 'House Arrest'. Gabriel came to see her daughter each day, and soon escaped with her to Earth. While on Earth, Gabriel had their aura - aura is how Angels could find one another and locate other beings - would be blocked by inscribing symbols on theirselves in an ink that would form in to the skin. While in the human world, Lilith would come across a man by the name of Damien Khallos. Damien was not the average human; Lilith fell for the man and, in a moment of passion, bedded with the man. As unknown to the Twins and Half-Brother angels; an angel born from an angel is still able to procreate. So, Lilith would be given the human's seed, and find herself pregnant.

Lilith, unable to find Damien afterwards, went to Samael on advice. He did not know of what she could do, as he did not pay attention to what those on Earth did in these situations. As Samael could not just go and look for Damien, he decided to stay with Lilith and help her when the baby came. The baby would be born, and the first ever Nephilim came in to existence; this baby would be named Alexis McVey. Samael would become the god-father to the child, and Gabriel would sadly disown Lilith because of the Nephilim. As Alexis grew up, Samael had a deep relationship with Lilith. Over eighteen years, Samael's and Lilith's love prospered, but ended. Lilith was afraid to be alone, and found an Angel by the name of Jonathan. With the other twin and the half-brother seeing as how the others had found a place on Earth, they decided to join them. They came to Earth with Her permission and sought a human life. Samael, to seek a more normal life, changed his name to Samuel Dae Lowingrad. Uriel joined Samuel's new Lowingrad name, and Constantine followed soon after. Their appearances would change, as well. Samuel took on mid-length dirty blonde hair, had an average build to him, eyes were a dark green, and he stood at five foot ten. Constantine had short, curly red hair, with green eyes, a larger build to him, and stood at five foot six. Uriel would take on a Native American skin tone, long black hair, brown eyes, an athletic build, and would stand at six foot one.

The Twins and the Half-Brother would buy a large sum of acreage during 1819. The land was in North America, where California would be. The new angel Lilith found would procreate with her, which would mean another baby. She was given another daughter, and named her Brooklyn Lilith. More so, Lilith would call Brooklyn by the name of Brooke, and so her name was widely known to others as just being Brooke. The two daughters got together well, and Alexis would looked after Brooke. Samuel, Constantine, and Uriel decided to put their acreage to use, making the large plot of land in to a vineyard. The entirety of what would be called the Lowingrad family, and friends, would gather to the vineyard to live in the large manor-house that was built over the years. Constantine would come across a demon while checking on the vineyard one day. She was an Earthly demon; a fox demon that lived with a group not far away. He became intrigued with the woman - more so when she spoke near-perfect English to him - and began to go to the forest to meet with her. Over the course of two years, the fox demon finally came to know what Constantine really was. She came to him in the night, and told him that she would have to leave him.

Constantine looked to her, "Why do you have to leave? Did your tribe say that you had to?" Aura, the name for the fox demon, looked at the floor. "I.. I don't.. well, I don't think you and I could be together, because I found out that you're.. an angel. I'm a demon." Constantine sat up in his bed and shook his head, "No, no, you don't have to go because of what I am. I was given the choice to come here or stay there.. She has given me and the others a choice to be here; except for my brother Samuel." Aura had a smile grow wide across her face, and tackled Constantine in an embrace. The two would soon come together and build their own house not far from the vineyard; it being finished in about five months.

Constantine and Aura would announce Aura's pregnancy a few months later. After nine months, Aura would give birth to a red-headed, fox-eared and tailed, little baby boy. Alexis, who now went by only Alex, would sit and play with the baby, as would Brooke. Aura and Constantine would name the child Devan. Constantine and Aura wedded, and were the first Angel and Demon husband and wife. Samuel would fall in love once again, but with an Angel named Lailah this time. Lailah was the angel that looked over Conception; so when pregnancy came a year later, it was something of a miracle to her. They would have a baby boy and name him Deatrik. Deatrik and Devan got along well, and would play with each other every day. As many may not realize it, a baby that had been born through Angels grew ten times slower; their bodies would stop aging at the designated age they chose - like Samuel stopped aging to the look of what would be his early twenties, if human.

Sno would close the hand-written book, looking out over the little ones. Brooke waved her arms, "Sno, I want to hear moooore!" The dark chocolate skinned woman smiled; a friend of Samuel who had helped him in a confrontation. She wags her finger to Brooke, "No, no, Brookey-boo. Ye need to go to sleep, now." The Christmas tree just a few feet away reminded Sno of what the time of year it was. Alex looked to the woman with big eyes, looking as if about to cry, and Brooke would begin to do her "pouty-face". Sno sighs and sees Devan and Deatrik already conked out on the floor. She shrugs to the two little girls, "Sorry gals, that's all that is in the story fer now. Maybe your god-father Samuel will write a bit more one day, aye? He does like to put his memories on paper." She stands and puts the book away. The children would be shuttled off to bed, with Deatrik and Devan to be carried to bed.

Years would pass, and the time was now 1941. The Twins and Half-Brother saw the travesties that were abroad in Europe. Once Pearl Harbor was hit, they would be some of the first to leave behind their families to help in the war effort. Samuel would join the Air Force, and became an Airborne with Sharpshooter training. Constantine went to the Air Force and flew airplanes in the Eastern Theater, taking part in the Battle of Midway. Uriel would join the Navy, and help in the Okinawa assault. Samuel had infiltrated Germany on the day that Adolf had 'committed suicide.' He had breached the bunker in which Hitler was cowering in, and with the help of the Russians, chained him and took him on a plane to Russia. While in Russia, he was taken to Siberia, and dragged out by Samuel. The news had already begun to spread that Hitler committed suicide, and was not found by anyone. Samuel dragged him as far in to Siberia as possible. He then dropped Hitler in the snow, and turned to him. His wings ripped through his airborne uniform, and a great fear rose in Hitler. Samuel turned to him, "For your crimes against humanity, for inhumane practices of experimentation on a living person, for the invasions of neutral countries, for the cause of another World War, and most of all - for pissing me off.. I find your actions punishable by death. I instate your sentence to the Necropolis." The gates would open and swallow the shivering and frightened man in to them. Samuel then began his journey home, which took a matter of seconds as he disappeared and reappeared in a black mist.

More years passed, the vineyard was still there, and Samuel was visiting with Constantine and his family. Constantine had been sick for a few days, which was something an angel was not supposed to be. As Samuel had just exited the door, a scream echoed from the house. He would teleport inside as quickly as he could, and saw Constantine holding his longsword. Constantine was looking down the hall at an unconscious Aura, who was holding a half-awake Devan. As fortune had it, Devan would open his eyes in time to see Samuel jumping through the air, and stabbing Constantine through with a sword he had materialized. Afterwards, Devan thought that Samuel had killed Constantine for no reason at all. Not helping the situation, Samuel disappeared with his lover, Lailah. The reason for his disappearance was to search for her killer, as he had been tipped that the Seraphim had killed her.

The Seraphim are a group of angels who have forsaken Heaven, and are mercenaries for both Heaven and Hell. They wear a red and gold armor, and sometimes robes, while their wings are covered in blood red feathers with gold tips. A Seraphim by the name of Kaine had caught Lailah on her way home from the grocery store. She was walking down the street, and turned at the alley she took to get to the sidewalk that ran towards home. Kaine slowly reached in to his coat, pulled out the silenced 9mm, and shot twice. A car pulled up to the alley and a homeless man was brought out. The man had been sedated, and Kaine took him down the alley. He had a Seraphim hold him up, taking the man's hand and wrapping it around the gun. The Seraphim put the gun muzzle under the man's chin and pulled the trigger. Kaine raised his index finger in the air, twirling it in a circle which told to round things up, "Come on, the deed is done, let's move out."

Azrael, the angel who is like Samuel but lives in Hell, was in good standings with the Seraphim, and knew of their actions; who was actually the person who told Samuel about the truth behind Lailah's slaying. Azrael and Samuel would meet in a café. Azrael wore his usual stark white full suit and wide-brim hat with a black feather, and Samuel wore a black version of Azrael's suit - but without the hat. They sat at the back corner table and Azrael spoke first, "Listen, ma good brother fro' Heaven, her eyes closin' 're cuz of dem there Seraphim, ya'know-what-I'm-talkin'-'bout? But they were tol' ta do so from a Lowingrad.. a Twin Brother, dey say, ya'know?" Samuel nods and sits back. "Azrael, a war will be coming.. you can pass that message on if you want," Samuel would say in response as he stood, leaving with a wave-off to Azrael. Azrael smiled and nodded to his response, "Indeed, brotha." Samuel had proceeded to hunt down the Seraphim named Kaine. He heeded no moral thought of making a clean kill. Kaine was not sent in to the Black Hearth Gates, but would be shot at point blank by a sawn-off double barrel through his front door. Kaine did not die instantly, but would be taken to the hospital to slowly die.

In the year 2006, the Seraphim had become known of Samuel's proclamation of war. He had successfully hunted down over fifty of them, of which eight were high ranking in the Seraphim higharchy. The Seraphim now had a new secret weapon; Jas Bane. Jas Bane had been born in to a human family. While traveling in the mountains, he came across a little witch who he took home and helped. The witch in turn would tell him of an armor and blade that would help him defeat evil if he so wished. This news came to be exciting, as Jas had lost his family, and lover, to a group of demons and wished for revenge since he was young. The witch led him to the armor and weapon, and the Seraphim bought him for mercenary work aganst 'evil forces', but failed to mention not all were really evil. The armor was pure black, and the blade seemed more like a huge chunk of sharpened steel. The blade was inhumanly possible to wield, but the armor game him the ability to do so.

Samuel fell through the sky, his arms wrapped around a Seraph. The woman kicked and tried to free herself. Another Seraphim appears behind the two and swings a mace. Samuel would teleport away and the Seraphim he held regained her altitude. Samuel would appear next to the Seraphim with the mace, slashing him in half with the obsidian blade of his. The woman Seraphim launches toward him, being blocked by his blade. She lashes out furiously with her two swords. The aura of which Samuel possessed expanded, and the air chilled to below freezing. The Seraphim grabbed her throat as it became difficult to breathe when close to Samuel. Samuel puts his hand over his pendant and the armor grows over him, and a bone tail followed down; the armor would then give an appearance of a dog-like creature. The Seraphim lands and can barely breathe anymore when close to him. Samuel stabs his blade down, bellowing out a roar. As he ripped his blade forward and out of the ground, the ground fissured and erupted up in spikes. The Seraphim dodged the spikes of Earth, but saw the end of Samuel's blade protruding from her stomach.

Samuel kicks the angel off, watching as she disappears in to grainial smoke. He turns quickly to block an attack by a man in black armor. The two stare at one another, not giving any ground to the other. Samuel's voice comes distorted, "Who're you?" The man in the black armor pushes harder, and Samuel jumps back a few feet. Samuel holds his blade at his right. The man in the black armor's helmet collapses back, showing short black hair and rigid features. The man grabs his blade in both hands, "My name's Jas Bane.. my contract was to kill you, Fallen. Now shut the hell up and fight, pansy." Samuel chuckles and launches forward, smashing his blade in to Jas'. Samuel was surprised to see that the man was unlike any he had come across before. Samuel appears back twenty feet and slashes through the air to hold the blade out to his right.

Behind and in the air; Brooke, Alex, Devan, Aura, Gabrielle - a wolf demon that the group had taken in after she was abandoned - and Uriel appeared in a flash. Seraphim would appear around Jas just after the Lowingrads had come. Samuel and Jas would clash once more. Brooke spreads her white wings and materializes her rapiers, slashing at and parrying each enemy she came at. Alex slashed down a Seraphim, giving an eep as one nearly got her but Uriel appears to catch the Seraphim on fire. Uriel kisses Alex's head and goes after another Seraphim. Aura had turned in to her demon form, and crushed the Seraphim in her jaws. Gabrielle tackled a Seraphim and bit on his jugular, ripping it out promptly. The Seraphim tell Jas to retreat, and Jas steps back. He stares at Samuel, "I'll be back, Fallen."

The Lowingrads gathered around one another, and Samuel thought on the man who wore the black armor. The armor around Samuel disappeared back in to the pendant, and his blade dematerialized in to a black mist. Brooke stares at Samuel and begins to go to him, but Samuel already begins to walk away. She raises a hand, as if in an attempt to stop him, but says nothing and lowers her hand back to her side. Samuel looks back to the family, "I'm going to the Church." He snaps his fingers and a black Harley forms in front of him. He gets on it and starts it up, driving off towards the highway. The housing area he was leaving would be in shambles in the area of destruction caused from the fighting. He gets on the highway and speeds up to plenty over the speed limit. After an hour, he finally makes it to an off-ramp and gets off.

He drives for another hour and is in the desert now. Samuel takes a right on to a small dirt road that leads to a church just a quarter mile down. He pulls in to the dirt parking lot, putting down the kick-stand and getting off. Samuel wears black suit pants, button-up shirt, and trenchcoat. He walks up to the doors and goes in. Samuel sees Azrael on his knees at the altar. Samuel walks up next to him, and stares at the altar. Azrael stands and stares forward, "It was him, brotha.. I confirmed it fer ya." Samuel nods and continues staring forward. Azrael looks down, "Nothing personal, righ'?" Samuel nods and a small 'thwack' is heard in the church as he falls to his knees. He falls forward on the steps to the altar after another 'thwack'. Azrael takes a few steps back and disappears. A man in a black suit lowers the silenced pistol, "I-is he dead?" Two others who are with him nod and leave the church slowly.


Now sit back and watch this story unfold
With the fair Juliet and her Romeo
Two young lovers with one heartbeat
In a devoted grave is where they'll sleep
They are the passion in a city of hate
Watching two families quarrel ruining lover's fate,
You are the ones that took your children's lives
See your two martyrs dying in love's true light, light.

Sing me to sleep tonight, sweet Juliet
Two star-crossed lovers marry looking for regrets
By daybreak I'll be gone and searching for your kiss
Leave me a drop of poison waiting on your lips


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