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I am Kain Vades, but call me Kai. I'm the owner of an art shop and I love to rp, so please come visit and drink some tea with me.
Appearance Info:
Name: Kain Vades
Nickname (If any): Kai
Race: Vampire Demon
Height: 6'0''
Eye color: Red
Hair Color and style: Orange, long to his back, above his bottom.
Skin color: White in human form; dark with red highlights in his demon form.
Blood Type: N/A
Weapon (If any): Long Pitchfork

Personality Info:
Personality: To strangers: Helpful, kind, a real gentleman to a T. To people who know him: Helpful, kind, a sexual creature that tries to get into anyone's pants, even if it's only for joke. Short tempered and gets very annoyed if things don't go as planned, or when someone does something stupid. Blabs out what he thinks if he thinks it's necessary.
Sexuality: Gay (top) but doesn't mind girls either.
Powers (No more than 5):
►Minions: summons servants from the darkness
►Dark Abilities: can manipulate the darkness to his will
►Rage mode
Weaknesses: Holy items
Likes: sex, coffee, fur, shiny items, pandas, being around people
Dislikes: cats, people who you need to beg to do something, cocky people, green tea
Early years
Kain Vades was born in Spain into a catholic family who worked raising horses and having a vineyard, the youngest of two. Kai worked hard to show his Father that he was worthy as the owner of the wine making business, since his father took that away from him when he found out Kai was gay. When the turn of events happened, it was the end of the civil war in Spain, when Frank the Great won the war. Kai had gotten his father's trust and his life was going well, until he fell into temptation. Kai met this handsome Frenchman called Vincent Jean Lareaux, and invited him one night to his house. They had sexual relations, not knowing Vincent would bite him and kill him, turning him into a vampire demon. Vincent killed his family and employees who lived there, and let loose the animals, making it look like they all got killed because they were supporters of the enemy.

Kai, when he rose from the grave, he went on a killing spree through Europe, and then decided to visit Gaia to try some new blood. When he got there, the Light Priests were waiting for him, exorcising enough darkness off of him and placing an angelic pendant to keep him human enough to be conscious of his actions. Kai heed security from the von Helsons, that used him as a body guard, but once he felt secure enough, he opened an art shop in his home Durem in the art district, where he resides today. He owned the territories of Barton Art District.

Kain left Gaia for a year after he forgot everything that had happened after he confronted his master, Vincent in France. Now that Vincent had lost his powers, Kain could come back, even if there were some of Vincent's followers running around. His fianceé, Serge, decided to get vengeance and left for many months. When he came back, Kain confronted him, saying he didn't want Serge running around killing people. In their dispute, they broke up, and Serge left. Heartbroken, he submerged himself in the von Helson workings of the castle, trying to give away and buy new territory in Gaia from the other demons (higher up demons in gaia have control of the dark workings of the city by territories). In one of his working days with some other demons from Durem, he got attacked by the bishops that worked on the church outside of Barton. Kain had always had good relations with them, since that church was the one to calm his demon spirit down, but the new archbishop had other plans, experiments to change demons back to their old human roots. They tried it on Kain, but Ai, Devak, and Majix got him out before they saw results, but they saw the damage. The darkness seeped out of his body, draining his life force out. After he recovered, he has kept on the down-low, trying to live normally again, but he didn't recover easily, and he lost his will.

For now
His store failing, losing the love of his life, his friends, he lost his freedom when he went back to the shadows, going back to his demon master, which intoxicated his body. Now with a lost will, he owns a small apartment and work as a servant of lust demons. He wishes for his freedom again, but his heart is lost, and no one can find it. A normal member of Gaia to the normal eye, though.

Fun Facts:
►Kai was killed after sex, bitten when in climax, and his body dying afterwards, his body stays as it was when it revived, making Kai have that same amount of hormones in a regular basis, so it's not Kai's fault that he's horny all the time.
►Kai doesn't like green tea.
►Kai has only slept with one girl, Amaya.
►Don't ever get scared of kai and disappear. He will hold a grudge.
►Kai's a top, and the only time he's a bottom is when it's force. You have to fight him good to get him to be a bottom.

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(without the cat ears and tail)
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