Okay, this is my mule avatar. If you want to see my account, than look up Dark Sweetie. So, I guess I'll publish Dark Sweetie's wishlist in this space.
vending pass - 1,000 gold
purple kimono - 9,600 g.
fairy wings - 40,000 gold
solar cloak - no set price
guitar of Angellus - no set price
staff of the angels - no set price
angelic scarf - no set price
maid's dress - I forget
ice whip - no set price
lunar cloak - no set price
angelic sash - no set price
doll ears - 5,000 gold

If you have any of these items, and would like to donate to a worthy cause, please trade to dark Sweetie, cause I can't send her items. If you trade with me, i will reject it. Please donate to Dark. We thank you for your patronage.


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The Other Side

I guess stuff. For those of u who read this, it's actually a fake journal. None of the events that occur in this are going to be true (or very few)


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Dark Sweetie

Report | 09/07/2010 12:54 pm

Dark Sweetie

Cool avi


I'm questing for...

The Angelic Microphone
The Go-Phones
Coco Kitty Plushie

If you have any of these items and would like to donate, I'd appreciate it very much!!!