My names Lilly. You...I dn't care too much about you. Yah kno why? Unless you are willing to PM me, I don't give a rat's a** who you are, what your sexual preference is, or what the hell your dog is chewing on right now.
Right now, I want you to get one teensy little thing straight. Gauzith is my beau, you touch him you die. Deal? Unless you are his friends, then I'll just ask permission first. ^ ^
Right now, I'm kind of miserable. If you'd like to cheer me up, please feel free to do so. I would sincerely appreciate it.
My puppy (A German Shephard Pure Bred) Is probably taller than you, so don't make me sick 'em on you. That wouldn't be pleasant.
I'm also looking for people to make graphics for my guild (of which I have only two members including myself...) because I suck at graphics....Soooo....Please feel free to PM me about that.
ALSO! I am an avid, creative writer willing to do any type of work for pay, unless it is something illegal by Gaia rules. Will work for gold. XD