about me

My name is Kai,
I'm 14 years old & I'm Native American.
My life began on October 6th.
I'm not a b***h, but I don't take anybodys crap.
One thing that I've learned in life is that being nice gets you nowhere, so I might come off as a jerk, but I'm not if you get to know me. Currently, I have brown, black, blonde, and pink hair.
My eyes are light brown and I'm 5'9.
I'm taken, & I love him to death.
I'm not a lesbian, I'm not bisexaul & I'm not straight; because labels mean nothing.
I'm not judgemental, so I "love" everybody.
I'm part deaf & I'm clincally deperessd.
My goal in life is to be a model or a graphic designer, because they're both my passion.
8.19.10 <3