Kai izlandri

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Gender: Female

Location: Puerto Rico

Occupation: Sailor Scout/Mad Scientist/Summoner

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Alex Reficul Casanova Report | 04/06/2009 5:30 am
Alex Reficul Casanova
XD aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa "ruuns away" ......"falls down" XD "runs away"
MadamTarantula Report | 11/05/2008 5:58 pm
Thank you for buying from my store! biggrin
QUARAN7INE Report | 11/04/2008 11:09 am
Hi smile
Lord ellyfan Report | 08/16/2008 4:24 pm
Lord ellyfan
hey missy just leaving u a comment over here... i had even forgotten my password. How retarded is that?
Viking Lord Melendez Report | 07/25/2008 3:39 am
Viking Lord Melendez
Hola,gracias por visitar mi perfil. smile
Wolfe787 Report | 07/16/2008 9:20 pm
wow la gente necia se queda necia dont matter if its in the internet or not, no wonder i got out of gaia, powerless ppl tend to hide here and pretend they have control over their lives
Wolfe787 Report | 07/16/2008 9:15 pm
OMG WTF IM IN GAIA AGAIN!! OOOO NOOOOEEEESSSSS!!!! lol, luv ya hun, stop makin puzzles and start playin sudoku... its actually good for you lol, nada pichea, im just dropin a comment before going to bed, te amo bye byez!
Lord ellyfan Report | 07/04/2008 11:13 am
Lord ellyfan
Sure. It's a bit psycho though. But hey, I have no reason to do something bad to you or anything, just in case. I'm living in Aguadilla, how about you?
Lord ellyfan Report | 07/02/2008 5:14 pm
Lord ellyfan
But, why? I'm just trying to meet ppl here in gaia
atrial flutter Report | 06/28/2008 12:56 am
atrial flutter
yup =]

Nosy ppl