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Howdy!Thanks for reading this! I'm a southern girl from a little town. I love manga and anime. Some of my favs. are: Inuyasha, Yugioh, Shaman King, Megaman NT Warrior, Naruto, and Robotech. Some of my non-anime favorite shows are: Supernaturaul, Smallville,and Xiaolin Showdown. I am very random! I love to dance. I've taken 9 years of lessons, working on my tenth. I also love to swim competitively, and shoot competitively. Maybe I'm just a competitive person! I'm also a girl scout,which has nothing to do with competing, except when you sell cookies, which is a major headache. Plus I went to the Junior Olympics in Colorado Springs in air pistol and I won a bronze medal!!! I'm also a christian, and darn well proud of it!! Ok, I think that's enough.

Favorite quotes(or just a few of them any way)

"Nobody but nobody calls me a nobody you bunch of nobodies!" Joey from Yugioh the Movie

"From lake, to sea, from creek, to pond. Fish obey my magic wand!" Mana from Yugioh Dawn of the Duel

"Our hypothesis states that the supernatural phenomenon that you experienced may find it's roots in Atlantis." Rebecca from Yugioh Waking the Dragons. If you want to sound smart, say it really fast.

"The Nile shall flow red with the blood of the Priests and the people who serve you!" Bakura from Yugioh Comics

"Whoever said you can do anything you set your mind to, has never tried slamming a revolving door." This was in somebody's signature. I just thought it was funny.

"All's fair in love,war,and rpging." Me

"I battled Bass and he kicked my...." me. I made that up when I was playing a Megaman video game.

"Cookie!!" My friend Elizabeth

"Why is it that if you rearrange the letters in Mother-in-Law, it spells Women Hitler?" and "Why is it that chopsticks is one of the easiest song to learn how to play, but one of the hardest things to learn to eat with?" My friend Amanda. She got them from somewhere. Where, I don't know.

"You watch too much Yoogeoh," my friend Janna. She pronounces it wrong.....

"Wars aren't fair, life ain't fair, so get over it." The wise words of my little brother. (megamiroku)

"I have a life, I just don't know how to use it." My friend Kody.

"I didn't fall. I just descended unexpectedly." My friend Haley.

"Why haven't you quoted me on your profile!! You quoted Elizabeth and Janna, but not me!!!" Alicia. See, now I've quoted you.

Confucius once said," Man standing on toilet is high on pot." I don't know if he actually said it. I just read that somewhere.

You have three choices in life.
1. Give up
2. Give in.
3. Or Give it your all.
I choose the third. . . what about you?

Yeah,I know,alot of pictures,but hey,they're cool.
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And yes I am an obsessed Yugioh fan and a Kaiba fan girl!!!!!! But I'm also a Atema,Marik, and Bakura fan girl, but I'm more partical to Seto and Bakura!! Valon's hot too! <3 Plus I'm a Kakashi fangirl, a L fangirl, and a Light fangirl (I can't choose between them) but they have nothing to do with Yugioh....
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Memiors of an Idiot

Just stuff... Who knows what? Mabe even my plot to destory the world... Mahaha.....


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Thanks for buying (:
Ravyns Darkness

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Ravyns Darkness

Thank you for your purchase! Have a wonderful day!

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*pokehpokeh* It'll be okay, Burande-san. User Image

We'll make it!

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hello dearest...

it's been a decent while

since we last talked!

how have you been ^o^

<3 xxx
_Winged Desires_

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_Winged Desires_

*Pokes Kagome randomly*

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I like Linkin Park's old music. Somewhere I Belong is like one of my favorite rock songs ever.

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Me its Deathnote, slipnot, and lincoln park.

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Thank you! I'm still working on it.... The theme needs a little work. I love Deathnote...

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Hello. nice profile.

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*randomly pokes you* HAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE INFLICTED TONS OF PAIN UPON YOU!!!!!!


My favorite four letter word is pull. Wanna know why? It means something orange and flying it is going to be blown up in seconds. If you know what I'm talking about, pm me!
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