Name: Serenity (Actually it's really just and online nickname ^.^)

Last Name: ninja Who Knows ninja

NickName: God, Don't ya listen, I already told you...Idiot... stare

Status in Real Life: Totally Taken, Take the Next Booth Please!

Status on Gaia: Single and Hopeless. Lol Jokes Jokes! But yes i am single on Gaia!

Age: 19

Ethnicity: Canadian!

D.O.B: June 10, 1986

Hair Colour: Okay, its like redish brownish!

Location: God, Duh Canada! (Sorry God!)

Phone Number: 911 <---- Hello, Police Department, Wha'ts The Problem? OKay Okay, Calm DOwn, We'll Get right on it! -Shouts- wahmbulance Everyone, Get your guns and get ready to shoot an-- Oh s**t, MAN DOWN exclaim wahmbulance

Cell Number : Ask again and I'll Steal Takara's Giant Hammer and hit you...Oh and don't worry...I'm serious! (Don't worry Takara, I'll Keep an Eye on Miroku for ya! wink xD)

Favourite Colour: Blue, Green, Umm.. And More Blue! Lol Sorry to all, I'm so NOT a pink person! NOT a tomboy either..xD

Favourite Shade: Black! And Yes to all, Black and White...are NOT colours! That is... if you didn't know that, but i'm guessing everyone knows that, right?...Gosh your hopeless! Lol Jokes jokes!

Personality: I'm a fairly outgoing person with people i get to know. I'm shy when meeting new people, but i try my best to make them feel welcome and let them know i'm a really nice person. I might be a little flirty sometimes, ( all girls get like that some time in there life), I'm actually a very nice person, as long as you odn't harm people i care about! I'm intelligent i guess! I really love to write and draw. I'm curious about anything and everything. I'm persistent, but i don't spoil my self. I'm serious at times, and humorous and hyper at times. I get bored easily. I think deeply about my surroundings and my love life. I'm romantic, and i might be impatient at times, but its usually during the night when i odn't go to sleep, you'll be fine as long as I don't wake up on the wrong side of the bed! I think you might enjoy to get to know me. ^.^

Favourite Food: Hmm I like, Pizza with Mushroom, pepperoni, bacon bits and alittle extra cheese, not too much, gosh what are ya tryin' to do? Make me fat? > sad Lol. Hmm I like Calbee Barbeque Chips, Ooo and don't forget about Sushi! It rocks! So does sashimi. Hmm what else? Umm.. Ooo Spaghetti Is so good! Umm, Oo Sour candy! OMhyGodd! My All time favourite...BUBBLEGUM! I have more i guess, but i don't remember. Lol

Favourite anime/manga/show/etc.: Inuyasha rocks (I heart Sesshy/Fluffy <--So Cold! and Hot, Bankotsu <--Oh ma good. Evil but ya gotta admit, he's on Fire!, and Inu <-- So Cool and Gorgeous! =P Miroku is So Takara's! xD), Fruits Basket (DOn't get me started, Yuki is cute but I absolutely heart KYO! Oh and Haru is So Handsome! I despise Akito, how could he harm Haru Like that! Die Akito, fear my lovely domokun it will bite your head off. Oh and.. Akito stop craving for Yuki, Hes Takara's! ), Naruto, (OMG i love Sasuke! Takara, He's mines.. lol i gave you Yuki and Miroku! Ya gotta give me sasuke! razz ), WItch Hunter Robin (Robin is the best! Ehh, i don't have any interest in those guys though! xD) .Hack//Sign, (Wow, thats one Effing Awesome show! I luvv it! nor love.. LUVV! Lol) Spongebob (OMG its spongebob, the spongiest sponge in the sea!) That's So rave, Smart Guy, Fairly odd parents! FInal Fantasy, the little mermaid, lol. I like too many, don't feel like typing it all out! -.- =.=!

Favourite Game system: Totally the Ps2!

Favourite Brand of Clothes/shoes/etc.: Hmm, Let's see. Kappa (That rocks!), Baby Phat(So Physchedelic (sp?), Blue notes (It has the owrd blue!), Stiches (That sounds cool! ^.^), Illicit, Nike, skechers (sp?), and more...it's at the tip of my toungue!

The Person I heart Luvv: Sorry I'm not programmed to tell you that!

Favourite Websites: My Beautiful Guild!, Maple Story, Habbo!, Power Pets, Gaia, Mini Clip, You Tube, And more...

Favourite Hobbies: I like to swim, Roleplay, Go on Habbo. Read love stories, poems, and fanfictions. I like to get to know people and answer any deep and confusing love questions! Spending extra time with my computer, Day dreaming, thinking deeply, playing cards, chewing bubblegum, shopping, watching movies, playing with my bunnies, going out with my boy friend when i get the chance, kissing razz , fantasizing xD


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Heyy welcome to my journal!My thoughts, days, events, life, and everytihng goes up here...i don't care if you read it or not..i dont know you! so read all you want..comment if ya want..i jsut wanna put text up here to express myself...im not making y



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Report | 11/18/2008 3:03 pm


I love ur page, it's cute and my favorite color is BLUE... ^^ Duh my name!

Report | 04/24/2007 1:22 am


cool page i hope you have a nice day and take care. ^_^

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hi do u guys like naruto?

Report | 11/12/2006 1:16 pm


i love your profile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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omg i want that same gown on your wish list lol i like your style biggrin

Report | 07/24/2006 1:30 pm


I totally agree chocolate!

Report | 07/16/2006 11:16 am


love ur back ground my old one was of kagma and inu. too but i like this one better

Report | 06/03/2006 11:55 am


Its been a while ^^, Sorry but ever had the feeling you just need to get off something and stay off for a while? So Hey, hope your doing great.

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