Again, as of Nov 2014, my profile has not been updated in so long.
WL is a mess.. too lazy to clean it up.
Trying to organize wl item list in Quest thread <3
Still WIP though OTL
come visit? emotion_kirakira
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And so basically there are info here that are no longer true...
But I shall not change them because I'm lazy... O-O
So yeah~
Guess away.

p.s. Quest is still kinda my wishlist... but specified onto ZODIACAL!! <3

August 8th 2009
Thankyou all for the nice gifts~!
Nox - Chapeau Demonique
Phanna - The Cosmos
Chozodude - Moon Lantern
mariksgrl - Star Lantern
Tamako Jen - Laurels , Global Pack, Leather Collar with Cross, Goldfish Scarf, Pearls (2)
KiraLynnTashio - Pink Bow Minidress


***NEW: Current Quest
My Wishlist.... although I have no idea where to start... =__=


Alright, I feel that it is time to change my 'about me' section... So, I'm 17, likes to read, write and listen to music. I'm no one of extreme interest, but I like to fooling around with friends. I tend to be shy around people that I don't know, but when I started to know you, I'm extremely outgoing. My friends tell me that I'm sometime hyper, and that is true. I tend to be hyper when I feel like it, which I do, most of the time. I know when to be serious, and when not, but I like being foolish.


I no longer accept random Friend Requests. If you want to be friend with me, at least let me know you first. It is the basic curtesy. I had accepted random friend requests, but lots of them just do this to ask for donations. I DO NOT DONATE TO SOMEONE I NEVER TALKED TO! I donate to whoever I want/like, and being my friend DOES NOT gives you a better chance to be donated at!

So STOP sending me random Friend Request!

p.s. People who I talk often in the threads I go could send as much of Random Friend Requests as they want. :"D

Last note: If you can, pLease help me with my quest!

Pwincess_kat's Art
sexycheesefries's cuuuuuute freebie~
Zalantra's cute art on my next dream avis~ <3
Alexabookworm's awesome art~
Nox's wonderful art~ <3
Anne Von Teese's AWESOME art
Gravi bunny's art
Hei Xue's art
Fishy's art
My own Drawing
Tamako Jen's art

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Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

User Image08-08-16
I Ceymore Ratz

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I Ceymore Ratz

I thought I would have seen Simgirlie on, but hey, after being gone for several years most of my friends have left for places unknown.
Mama Gen

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Mama Gen

It's not a problem love
Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

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That's odd, I was able to post in it without it saying anything!


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KYOKO! Welcome back, how've you been? emotion_hug
Aw, is it really? D: I haven't checked our thread in months ;;


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well let me know when the time comes to decide, and if you do start up your own business, I wish you the best of luck of with it!! emotion_hug
yesss and my professor is really chill and nice, not intimidating at all
the class has only 8 ppl including myself -- 7 girls and a guy, so it's also easier to participate (since I'm usually rly scared/nervous haha) emotion_sweatdrop

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ohhh that's awesome! you should definitely consider doing your own business 4laugh
very ambitious but such a good idea!
yesss spicy food is best and thank you emotion_bigheart
I'm currently reading Northanger Abbey, but we'll also be reading Pride and Prejudice (which I also love), Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Sense and Sensibility.
I've only read P&P and Emma by Austen so the rest should be exciting~


[b:620cb1b3b1]Donations are loved~ o3o[/b:620cb1b3b1]
Doki Doki Bundle

ASDKLFJALKDF Thank you so so much Losty, Aka &Kaide; n ;

vote for me here? <3
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