Hello I am Kage. Pleased to meet you all... I am 18 years old and i am a goth that loves rock. heavy metal, classic rock, death metal, J-pop, J-rock, classical music and of course... Gothic industrial... well I am training to be a nurse and I am not the most patient person in the world.
I am very polite and nice but if you piss me off i swear by all the gods in the universe that there will be hell to pay... well other than that... I think that is about it...

oh yes... i forgot to mention... I REALLY HATE Texas... I love California but i had to move to this crappy state... so if you REALLY want to piss me of... (which i don't suggest doing) start talking about how great Texas is and see if i ever talk to you again...

Kage's likes and dislikes...

Likes:reading, writing, anime, manga, talking to freinds, hanging out with friends, skateboarding, gaia, nice people, polite people that don't cuss alot, and goths...

Dislikes: I hate emos, I hate emos that pretend or think that they are goth, I hate when people think that Goth and EMO are one and the same, I hate annoying loud people, I hate people that think that they have nothing else to live for and wish that they could die because of some petty little problem in their lives. I hate beggars, I hate beggars that complain about the amount of gold you give them because it is a small amount. I hate when they yell at you and start cussing because you are only willing to give out 200g.

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Note to self: jokermagoo owes me 6k

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Total Value: 540,162 Gold
After Exclusions: 461,864 Gold
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Item List:
Classic Partition Socks
Belted Pants
Belted Shoes
Belted Top
Dark Star
Dark Star
Dark Cape
Prisoner's Ball and Chain
Shadow Spirit
Western Zodiac
Zorro Mask
Fox Ears
Coal Gunner Hat
Ancient Katana
Demonic Pitchfork
Guitar of Demona
Whip of Fire
Dark Halo

1) yen_blade for hacking into my account on june 9, 2007


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Kageshi's Wrath

Feel free to read what you want and comment if you wish.... thank you for your time... *bows*

This is a journal of the daily life of your average teenage goth.



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cool avi

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If you remember me. I miss yuh. sad
Lawrence JackWagon

Report | 07/27/2008 5:08 pm

Lawrence JackWagon

oooh ho-ho O-o did you get hacked? x.x or did you just switch accounts?

BTW new accoutn is

Serena Von Der Woodsen

if yea remmeber me..

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hi, its me, orphen07. plz add lelouch07 cause orphen07 got glitched and wont log in.

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'EEEYYYY how you doin?

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:shocked: I always thought you were a guy.

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hey, how you doing?
Sweet Blue Cream

Report | 01/26/2008 7:09 am

Sweet Blue Cream

hello! remember meh? :]

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Happy Turkey Day Kage! User Image ^-^

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Godd evening miss... it has been quite some time... might i ask how have you been


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