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BAH HAhahahdfdbfbrbblblrblblblblbPPPLLLBBBB!!!!

Ummm, didn't we just DO that? (SHHH! Be nice!)


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lol Konichiwa ^_~ Nihongo o benkyoo shimasu ne? biggrin Watashi wa Oniko desu! Hajimemashite! Watashi wa nihonjin to furipinjin desu ^_~ Anata wa?

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hey oh and yeah you are insane but i forgive you.

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So I ended up going to my local Computer Surplus store, and since I am friends with the owner, was able to pick up a decent system at a reasonable price.
I used my old HD, so the new one didn't need one, and I already had spare RAM from previous systems, so the new one didn't need that, either. (PHEW!)

Anyway, now I'm back, and my friends in the RP probably hate me because I wasn't there today (again)...

*Sighs sadly*

I hate my life sometimes.

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I had to replace the old one because it *caught fire* this morning.

I noticed it acting wonky, the screen turning weird colours when I moved the mouse, & thought "I haven't rebooted in nearly a week - I'll go ahead and do that now."

So when the power cycled off, but before it turned itself back on again, I heard a faint fizzle-!POP!, smelled something funny, and as the machine tried to power itself back on, I screamed when the tendril of FLAME shot off my motherboard, scorched the plexiglass panel over the CPU fan, and made a very wicked blue glow for the nanoseconds it was still solid enough to allow electricity to arc through it's guts...

I spent the day trying to salvage what I could, and the only thing that was really even REMOTELY save-able was the HD.

Thank the $Diety's, cause a 300Gb HD is a bit of a PITA to try and archive to DVD-R's - at 4Gb at a time, that's a *lot* of time, money, and wear on a 'burner!


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I once had a pet chicken.
I named her "Lunch".
(I didn't want to give her any false hopes!)
I used to play with her every day, until one day, when I came home from school, and she didn't meet me at the end of the drive as usual
I looked and looked for her, but she was nowhere to be found.
I went into the house, and asked Ma if she'd seen Lunch.
She replied "Not since noon, Dear. Now go wash up for supper, we're having chicken."
From that day on, when-ever I hear someone say "Let's do Lunch", I always suppress a chuckle, knowing what Dad did to kill that poor chicken, and why Ma wouldn't touch him ever again after that point.
The moral of this story, of course, is never to have a pet that you can eat.

The flip side is that I just made that whole stupid thing up, because I'm bored and sitting at my new computer.

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Ask your mom if you can compromise.
Ask if you can colour yor TUSH blue and put streaks on IT, and just moon people UNTIL you're 20...

She may choose the coloured hair REAL quick!
(Or ground you until you're a ZILLION!)

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hmm.i want to dye my hair jet black and put purple streaks in my hair but my mom said not until im 20..DARN!! lol..

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(Screams in glee and squirms like crazy) AGHHHH! Kitty tongue tickles! NOOooooOOOO! hehehehehehee
Thank you!

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My kitty licks you as thanx for commenting me. Nice avi, BTW