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A wise man once said, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That is why they call it the present." Cheerish it


Kage Info

I have decided to once again redo this because for some reason I am not satisfied with the outcome of it ... It will be done when I want it too but dont hesitate to ask me questions.

Edit: Parts of my profile will possibly be placed here at random times.

Rp Self:
Kage Rinku, the Shadow Link. I am of course the same shadow who appears in the series, The Legend of Zelda. However, my character is a fan based character. I am not the character that appears from, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, but rather a mix of both him and Dark Link from, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The actual story of how I came to be is that I was the Hero himself but feel victim to death by betrayal of the heart. In this I was taken to the dark realm where I am transformed to my current form to once again reek havoc upon the kingdom of Hyrule.

True Self:
There isn't an exact form or word to describe the type of person I am. I am many things, there are many traits that define my character. I have the definition of two sides of the same coin, a light and dark if I might say. I am kindhearted, trusting, caring, honest, willful, just, committed, many positive things but with good must come the bad. I am vicious, unforgiving, constant, direct, destructive, brutal, and just plain evil. Of course following the main traits I am also playful, hyperactive, strange, curious, and silly. I am many things and not one trait defines the true me.

My interests holds many things. I am somewhat of a curious person so I will tend to be interested in a lot of things. However, there are some things I am interested in most and in which I have taken more time to explore.

Art, drawing in general, I maybe would be considered an artist but I am far from achieving professional level. I like many type of art but to pin-point ones that stand out the most would be pixilated, anime style, photography is another, sculpture, etc.

There are other forms of art and music is considered one of them. Music is a tricky subject because unfortunately I am not a band worshiper but that doesn't mean I don't like music. I like instrumental, rock, metal, j-pop, j-rock, soundtracks, classical, there are more but I can point them out. My logic is, "If it sounds good then I'll listen", so there are many types that I like. I also can be considered a musician because I can play the piano / keyboard but only by listening to the sounds of the notes.

Books is one of my key interests. I love to read my types of books, I guess you can say I like mainly adventure and action genre. Another type would be Japanese graphic novels, mangas, and yes I do have quite a collection. I can consider my collection vast because my mangas are not only mine but my friends as well, we each help buy and make our collection grow. We trade and even give our collection to each other so I own a lot.

Television / Movies is something I don't often see. I do of course have favorites when it comes to this section but I don't do them as often as the others. If you can already guess the type of shows I would see then you can get a good grasp of what I like. Anime is of course a big factor of my interest but I lack in this area. I have seen my share of anime but I often have no chance in ever finishing a series. Hopefully soon I will buy box sets and not have to worry about this problem.

Video Games are my life. Anything to do with it I take a big liking to it. In various medias, video games are sure to be at top. The genre that I take great liking are, action, adventure, fighter, fantasy, role-playing, strategy, arcade, classical, etc. Shooter games I am somewhat good but not really, same goes with driving games. Nintendo of course is my company of choice but I also like the Playstation company, and very, very, very little of the Xbox company. I am known as an adventurer and a fighter.


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Well This Will Be A Working Project But I Hope That I Will Write About Everything I Can As Possible: Anime / Manga Video Games My Self Made Stories My Day Etc


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