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I was born and raised right here in Minnesota, and if the fates will have it, I'll end my days here as well. Early in my childhood my family and I traveled around the western states but never stayed anywhere more than several months.

My educational background is less than stellar, so I'll leave that tidbit out, but that's not to say I'm altogether unintelligent - I just found school exceedingly boring. (I've been told that its not all that uncommon for someone who should have attended a specialized academy for gifted children.)

Let's see, about me... I'm a middle aged guy with a plethora of hobbies and interests, not the least of which being my family, a loving wife of sixteen years, a fifteen year old daughter and a nine year old son.

Aside from my family I am fascinated with aircraft involved in warfare, whether directly or in support thereof. I believe this interest stems from some of the early bonding I experienced with my father, attending air shows at Port Hueneme California, and asking him countless questions as he patiently assembled model kits. Now, he has no further interest in the topic - and I am a glutton for all things related to military aircraft; The more obscure the better.
I have a collection of models that numbers into the hundreds with a library on the topic of rival proportions.

I am also interested in role playing games of the table top variety, having teethed on Palladium Books game of RIFTS, I just haven't been able to get as into any other game system as much as my first.

When I was not working, tending to household duties or to my family I spent a lot of time writing up source material and adventure ideas for our RIFTS group that has slowly withered over the years. My passion for creation hasn't faded, however and we do still have a small game group that gathers when time permits.

Through this hobby I learned that I actually have somewhat of a talent for writing, though I am my own worst critic and will subject myself to countless edits and revisions before I consider the work complete. Out of curiosity I submitted an article for publication in Palladium Book's quarterly called "The Rifter" and much to my surprise my first submission was published. Here, years later, I was even given a special mention in RIFTS Triax 2 for materials contained within said article. I don't intend to quit there though. I have tons of other ideas in mind for articles and supplementary books, but I don't intend to quit with just that - ultimately I would like to become a novelist that writes in fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction genres. (For the record, in my opinion, there is NO good story without a romance in the foreground of the story - so I suppose you could say I will be writing romance novels with the aforementioned genres as a background. ^_~)

At the moment I am a caretaker to a very old home, and take care of my wife and daughter who both suffer from disabilities. My health isn't the greatest either - but I'm too stubborn to admit weakness just yet. lol Meanwhile I write, and am hoping to get more in print by Spring of 2013 - if the fates will have it.

Oh yes, and another thing - in case you were wondering about my name, SirTenzan, it's a very long story involving a teenage romance, the mysterious disappearance of my beloved, surviving in the aftermath of losing my better half without knowing why, and eventually being able to tell my tale to others in an effort to help them overcome heartbreak. Tenzan was a nickname she coined me with, as it means Heavenly Mountain. A chat room moderator monitoring my consoling of a very depressed individual via my own tale and encouraging him to stay the course, earned for me my sir title - a badge of honor I still carry to this day for surviving something that at one time I would rather not have..


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Fatelin Report | 06/08/2013 8:55 pm
Nice halo thing you got going there. LOL
Ioverboii Report | 06/06/2013 8:41 pm
thank you for buying! heart
I am collecting
yellow inks
red crumpled paper

can you give me one or
could you sell me one?

thanks very much.
My_Promised_Love Report | 01/28/2013 12:15 pm
I saw your status, I hope you feel better! heart
EctoButtologist Report | 01/21/2013 5:49 am
Thank you for buying
cheekypie123 Report | 12/06/2012 2:42 pm


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