Hey, Haven't been on in forever. So I'm still getting use to this. But yeah, I'm just a normal, not so normal, girl. I'm from America but I still like to put the 'u' in colour, even though all my programs say it's wrong. My favorite colour is red. It use to be lavender but it's one of those things you just kind of grow from.

I have a fanfiction and my current obsession is DC comics. I'm writing on a story called 'Forgot Not Forgotten'. It is a Demon AU to the 'batfam' with the main character being d**k Grayson. IF ever you want to talk about Superheroes or writing I never get tired of the subjects.

I Love reading, but mostly just Science Fiction and I don't get interested in what's 'popular' as the fun of using my own imagination is usually ruined by then. Have any books you think I might like let me know!

Another Ice breaker I am fond of is music. My favorite genera is Rock and my favorite band is currently Volbeat with Breaking Benjamin and Imagine Dragons at close seconds. But if you want to talk about the White Stripes, Nirvana, Pretty Reckless, or any other really awesome band, that's cool. I don't judge people's taste in music, even if it is Robin Thicke or Justin Beiber.

I love drawing. I have a DeviantART that I post things on. I have lots of things that I don't have updated so far but soon, maybe. For now I just have a bunch of old drawing I'm too nostalgic to get rid of. Again, if you'd like to talk about art with me that's cool, I love to talk about art and meet new artists and see their styles.

The last thing I'm going to post before I put now my usernames for sites is, I do enjoy math. I know I'm weird, but I think it's actually pretty fun when I actually understand it.

Now for Usernames and Sites:
Fanfiction: OptimisticEmotion
ArcivesOfOurOwn: OptimisticEmotion
Tumblr: OptimisticEmotion
DeviantART: Kae42