Well now, once upon a time I had some real smart-a** things posted here. Unfortunately, after the Gaia Moderators re-did the site, it wrecked my profile. Therefore I had to take down all of my information. -tear-

Anywho, About me...hmm... Well, I'm a girl. I have long, luscious brown hair and gorgeous, straight white teeth. I'm beautiful and my youth just glows! ^.^ I also have an insane attraction to 14 year old boys. Yum!

-scary music-

I'm a girl...that part is true. ^.^ My long, luscious brown hair needs to be re-done every week to hide the grey in my roots. It also has a tendancy to frizz everywhere. I let it do as it pleases. My gorgeous, straight white teeth are perfect in every way! After all, who can make dentures look bad? -.-" I'm very beautiful... at least, that's what my self-esteem psychologist told me to tell myself. My glowing face does truely glow! Plastic surgery can do miracles now-a-days! People sometimes whisper "Micheal Jackson" behind my back, though... T.T As for my attraction to those amazing 14 year old boys - I love them. Their energy, enthusiam, muscles... I'm also in my late 50's.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don't believe everything you read.

Ok, back to reality. I am a girl. Shocker. I have long, curly auburn hair. It does frizz sometimes, but I try to keep it in line as best I can. My teeth are on the way to being gorgeous. I'm in the process of braces. ^.^" As for beautiful - everyone is beautiful in their own way. And for those 14 year old boys... erm... 0.0 I am single, and plan to stay that way for a while...guys don't seem to be worth it in the long run yet. ^.^

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Total Value: 1,207,288 Gold

Item List:
Gift of the Goddess
Mythrill Halo
Jenny's Innocent A-line Dress
Angelic Pendant
Summoning Tome
Winter Rose

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xXxrukiixXx - 1,100g, Various Items
Akumu Mahoutsukai - 500g, June 2007 Letter
rinoa.eyes - 20g
BriBru - Daisy's Breeze Dress, Black Wulf Gloves
Dragonfly_Dreamer - 500g
kaikuro - Blue SKA Shoes


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Im only taking 50 entries…2 entries per person so hurry up the contest ends Tuesday no matter how many I don’t get, I’m still ending it. Entry form code below….



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Random hi! Awesome avie! =D
Akumu Mahoutsukai

Report | 11/28/2007 8:57 am

Akumu Mahoutsukai

of course I remember you!! How could I forget you! Ha, it's been a while indeed! How is everything?

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thx for the comment but urs is like amazing omg LoL

Report | 08/02/2007 1:25 pm


I like the video!

Especially because it is about Ash and Misty!

they make a good couple ^_^

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Hi Rissa!!^^

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hi would u like to be my friend?

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User Image OH YES! User Image

User Image Spamming is ALWAYS a good thing. User Image

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spam for gold

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Sorry Kakashi!


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