My Love <3 Jaydenn

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this is my other half. i love him passionately <3 i want to be with him for as long as possible. soo all u other guys/girls im unavailable Jaydenn is my one and only. hes the best boyfriend i have ever had 11-23-08 is the day we started going out. i loveee uu soo much Jaydenn <3 no one can make me laugh make me cry make me smile or drive me mad like he does its like a curse that is the cure better or worse one things for sure its real love and i dont know what ide do if i lost it.

Kacie Kotton Kandy

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Uh Oh Get Low its Kacie Divinie' aka KacieKottonKandy / Kandy Kitty. im 13 years young i have an amazing BoyFriend Jaydenn I love him sooo much and i wanna be with him foreverr. im obsessed with hellokitty like OBSESSED all of my stuff is Japan Exclusive except book bag thats toys r us exclusive pahaha. is my Official piczo (public) www.SceneFreaxx.piczo.comn is my Contests site and is my train. i have MSN and AIM ask me for those though i dont need rapists IMing me.. my myspace is
and my Email is if u need to contact me and im not online just email me. I do have fakes. but I have proof they dont haha suckers. im not stuck up at all im usually in a good mood. i like meeting new people so eh talk it up!]


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