ellos! [: welcome to my profile. im currently in highskewl grade 7th.
im known as a simple girl. i dont lyk stuck ups ppl or haters. i love to sing and shopping also hearing music. those are my favorites hobbies. as usally i love to go have fun with my friends n family [: im asain! woot woot! proud of my culture. i will nvr accect rasicm its so mean. dont come to me n talk about that junk stay away. :0 eh? u can call me kaawaii or linda.

Staus: Single!
Birthday: July 6th
Name: Linda/Kaawaii

Blue! <3

take out a notepad, and jot down some notes.^^
im a girl of shopping n hearing music most of the time. everytime when we hanging out i might be hearing music or dreaming of shopping. :] im that typically girl that is nice n awsome. my fwends are ahh-mazingg! i been spenting an hour on gaia or soo. dont matter. i might be slow sometimes answeing ur comments or pms. but im not ignoreing you im just runnning alittle slow. count me in if ur doing some fun stuff. i love to have fun. i play some sports but doesent matter to ya. right? i let ppl know what im doing if you ask sometimes i might not. im off now. pm me or comment me if you wanna talk.