I was formally neglectee256, but i changed my username...obviously.

I'm in <3 with Tomohisa Yamashita (YamaPi) and I WILL marry him someday!!
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I'm a girl.

I'm 15 this year....If you didn't know.

I go to WUHS. (If you don't know which school that is. Too bad)

I am extremely TALL and sarcastic.

I am pretty calm and collected...Most of the time.

I'm the type of person who likes to keep things to myself.

Lets see...I have many acquintences....not much friends. (I don't use the term friends loosely AT ALL)

I still love my friends to death.

I seriously HATE girls who play dumb to get a guy to like them.
Congrats, way to put yourself down.

And LIARS!.. I really hate 'em.

I am one of the very FEW people at my school who aren't married or pregnant! (Damn proud of that fact)

I'm single. Yes. I know..that's very hard to believe but it's true.

I get annoyed really easy. You don't wanna piss me off. Things'll get ugly.

I'm a scorpio. And YES I know what they're "known" for. (Not true BTW)

I am NOT a fan of crude humor. Seriously..it's not funny. It only makes you seem like an idiot for trying so hard.

I'm super cool when i want to be. Especially if you're my friend. ^_^

And last but not least....once you get to know me......you'll see i'm the most awesome-est person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another little fact about me: I'm cooler than Ickie!!!{muhahaha}

ooh....and i like cookies. ^^


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Well, i like....stuff. Nuff said.



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Ickle Nicol

Report | 02/06/2009 10:52 pm

Ickle Nicol

Sorry I ran away for a while ^-^

I actucally just live outside of Toronto
Azn Yao

Report | 12/30/2008 11:46 pm

Azn Yao

hmm... i dont think anyone was on ur charter for the whole month in octuber i dont think u was

on but i still added a comment on ur profile around oct i think.... User Image
Ickle Nicol

Report | 12/29/2008 3:44 pm

Ickle Nicol

Ickle Nicol

Report | 12/28/2008 6:35 pm

Ickle Nicol

It's been good. Kinda sad the snow is all gone here v.v
Azn Yao

Report | 12/28/2008 12:29 pm

Azn Yao

um.... hmm.... >.< just kidding haha ^_^ i still remeber u i always commented u around octumber srry bad spelling >.>

hehe oo and thats y u wasnet always on i thought u quited gaia :User Image oo and welcome back ^^
Ickle Nicol

Report | 11/05/2008 6:11 pm

Ickle Nicol

Hi it's Been a loooooooooooooooong while.

But I noticed that it is you Birthday so Happy Birthday.

-Birthday Glomp-
Azn Yao

Report | 11/05/2008 12:21 pm

Azn Yao

hi ya havent heard from u in a long time wats up ^^
Azn Yao

Report | 06/30/2008 12:11 pm

Azn Yao

hey wats up ^.^

Report | 05/14/2008 11:55 pm



Report | 03/31/2008 10:12 pm


yo yo yo homie, ain't nothin' but a g-thang you know wat i'm sayin'. Dang man, your profile is off the chiz-ain, shoot, homie. we gotta have eachother's back you know wat i'm saying, yo, shoot dang. off the hook, yep thats the one, the hook. out homie. peace, WORD!!!!


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