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name~ ask > biggrin
height: 4 ft 11 cuz I grew an inch biggrin -w-
age: gonna have to ask (im younger than I look according to most)
race: Tiny Mexican
favorite anime: Kaze no stigma
Favorite color: crimson (red)
shade: black but grey is pretty nice too
favorite song:city of angels- 30 seconds to mars
likes: nice people, being playful, music <3, hugs, puppies!!!,and a lot of things lok
dislikes: rude people, people who cant take a a joke, people that dislike music OnO, people that call me shorty, midget, or anything along that line
favorite bands: skillet, breaking benjamin, falling in reverse, sleeping with sirens, papa roach, flyleaf, helloween, Blackmores night,, and way too many others that I need to mention some time soon cx

Feel free to ask me for my facebook, Snapchat, instagram, and skype so we can get to know each other more cuz I love socializing biggrin ^-^ heart emotion_kirakira 4laugh
I'll probably post some of my social media soon if I feel like it

umm I really cant think of anything else right now so if your curious to know anything else just send a friend request or pm me eihter is fine im pretty friendly ^-^ bye!!!~~~


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SinnerWithGoodIntentions Report | 04/18/2019 12:15 am
happy birthday doll I love you! heart
Pokemon Trainer Jess Report | 04/09/2019 11:16 pm
Pokemon Trainer Jess
Hey sorry i disapper on zomg, my internet went out for about a hour due to the internet company doing some up date thing. hope you managed ok on dms ym.
SinnerWithGoodIntentions Report | 01/21/2019 5:01 pm
shush peasant
SinnerWithGoodIntentions Report | 10/25/2018 5:10 pm
EY is it true that you broke your toe rofl
xXdaku_eneruXx Report | 10/13/2018 6:08 pm
fragments of you
SouI Zero Report | 08/28/2018 4:04 pm
SouI Zero
No problem, I often get upset stomach's every now and then due to medical reasons, so I looked up some home remedies in the past.
SouI Zero Report | 08/28/2018 3:55 pm
SouI Zero
Sipping on water slowly helps with an upset stomach, you can also apply heat to the stomach using a hot water body. Peppermint and Ginger helps, so drinking Ginger or Peppermint tea can help a lot.
SinnerWithGoodIntentions Report | 07/26/2018 10:01 am
please respond to my messages sad
xXdaku_eneruXx Report | 07/12/2018 11:10 am
you should post that one pic you sent me on your profile whee
SinnerWithGoodIntentions Report | 07/10/2018 12:43 am
you like your avi 3nodding

My addiction <3

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Sadly it's blurry but me and Wolfie <3 cx

Bleh <3

PM me and lmk if you want my fb, sc,ig, or skype <3

debating on adding more pics soon

I love to video/call while playing Zomg! or any other game so if you offer and I turn it down something is wrong with me XD