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K r a t o s xxxx

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Last Login: 04/14/2017 12:03 pm

Birthday: 01/15

currently loving this song



Real Life:
Features: brown hair (originally a ginger), hazel eyes, Skinny, That's all i got right now
Relationship: I don't give a crap anymore
Personality:Shy,Lazy-ish,Quiet,Smart,Straight,Will listen if u have any problems that you need help with, VERY NICE AND EXTREMELY SWEET
Games Beaten:Fire Emblem (Game Cube and Wii), Tales of Symphonia (Game Cube and Wii), Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic (Xbox), Fable 1-2 (Xbox and 360), Pokemon, Bakugan (360 and DS), Halo (all of them), Gears of War (1-2),DBZ Raging Blast (360)

1st poem:
"Love sounds like an easy concept learn or know, but in truth its one of the hardest, you think you found it but it slips away, you think you have it planned but it falls apart, you cant tell when or how you'll find it, but it'll show itself eventually."

2nd poem:
"Love is hard to find, but easy to feel, its unknown when young, and difficult to find when old, when young you have no cares in the world, when old you want someone by your side, some look for love too late, and some look for love too early, but no matter what, love will finds its way,"

I don't know what else to put up... write on my wall what u want know about me

Awsome show/game with good music

Akarui kishi Zane
xXHikari Izumi DemonxX
Right Twix
FueIed By Ramen
pink is awesome 97
Ai no doku

Everyday is filled with either grief and/or pain. And you just want relief, If only I could step out of my body, just for 1 day, just 1 time and 1 time only

You complete the missing part of my heart that I've never found in my life before. Even if you were to stop loving me, that 1 part of me that loves you will never fade nor disappear

I'm like a support beam in a house: You need me to hold you up, and without me you'll fall. Why can't you just stand? Why do you need me? Why? Why am I important to you? I'm a normal person, nothing special, nothing unique, I'm just normal

If i could live without feelings, my life would be wasted. If i could live without regret, my life would be great.If i lived without friends,my life would be a boring waste land. If i lived without Love... Its already happened

Does life have a meaning? Does life have a purpose? We don't know. Is there a way to figure it out? No, but if there's 1 thing that can make u think different, its the 1 person in your life, that you cant live without. Your soul-mate, or your lover for life, they'll be with you forever, and care for until the end of time

Why was I put on this earth? Why did I turn out this way? Why? Is it that I was raised wrong? Is it that I was just made this way?...Does life have to hurt? Does it have to make us feel pain? Does it have to make us feel these feelings? So why was I put on earth to begin with? Was it to make me miserable? Or just so I can be a support for others?

some poems i made

My little bro

My awsome cousin

my freakin sweet gaia sisters :D

In past lives, I wonder if I met you. In past lives, I wonder if we were together. Who knows, how would we know, well that's the past and this is now. It's you, I know it's you. Now that I know, I won't leave you. I'll be by your side till the very end, I'll follow you every where, no matter how far. <3

I was care free. No worries, and free of trouble. But then I saw you, and all I wanted, was your attention. I'd do anything, anything just to get you to notice; even if it got me in trouble. I'd protect you; even if it meant me, losing my life for yours. And I will always protect you, even in the afterlife; I'll be your own special, guardian angel. As long as I know that, you are happy and well. I am also happy.

my awsome gaia bros X)

my first love in gaia

these 2 poems i made

these 2 poems i made too

one of my first friends and fun to talk to :)i loves her <3

What's written on this pic(i didnt write this)...I sit here alone and forgotten.Your love was all i had. Now that it's gone I have nothing to live for

My friend drew this for me!! First drawing of my avatar and it's Awesome!!!!! I loves her! <3

My favorite ex, she's still the coolest ever