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K O R O S E N P A l's avatar

Birthday: 11/07


Name: Just call me Koro

Race: Some kind of half Elf, I guess.

Age: About 96 if I am doing the math right.....

Sexuality: Questioning it, never really caught my attention.

Appearance: Koro stands at about 6 feet and 5 inches tall. He weighs around 195. With his black hair shaved into the shape of a mohawk, he has died the standing ends different shades of white and grey. A protruding scar slides down the side of his left golden eye. Two piercings rest on the left edge of his left eyebrow and he has a piercing in the center of his tongue, he plans to add more piercings later. Koro prefers to have a light scruff on the edge of his chin.

Bio: If ya want to read the whole history of the elven race, go read my cousin's Illilorn's profile page. I don't wanna have to re-explain that crap....

So apparently the old man had a thing for elven chicks back in the day, and you can guess that I was the obvious result from one night stand. I grew up in yer basic prostitute house, we didn't have anywhere else really to go. I spent most days helping put by doing dishes, cleaning the rooms, and tossing out the bad business. I did whatever I could to prove my worth, but the house owner and works were pretty nice. They were pretty cool 'neighbors' to have. My mother died from a disease that no one could afford the medicine for. I was old enough to care for myself by then, about year later I finally got the hell out of that hell hole.Ever since, I have kinda been wandering from place to place doing what I like. Oh, and the scar? A few years ago, I got into a scrap with few jerks. I got off with just a scar, those guys? I can't say the same....

- Tattoos and piercings
- Alcohol
- Motorcycles
- Good Alternative music
- Respectable people

- Jerks
- Asshats
- Doctors
- Babies, I just don't know what to do with them....



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