Hmm...I feel like being like everyone else so, i will make a very long about :]
My name..Is SHE who has no name, If you know me long enough I'll tell you my little secret. Lets pause for a bit, why is everyone making long abouts? D: its hard to read when its small writing, but heh I will imitate them anyway :3 Hmm....I don;t quite know how to make such a long about. Should I go on about my likes and dislikes? But, If i do such a thing you will all use them against me.

Hmm...such a hard decision. I'm not meant to be like you people!! D: You guys are...very hard to imitate, I can't be a camra whore, I can't act like a little snob towards others (This is all in jest people :]) I can only be a simple muffin needing a helmet. Speaking of helmets, have any of you seen the Transfomers movie? Well, I havn't and i don't wish to. I'm a picky person when it comes to movies, anime is practically all i watch. Except some comedy shows, **sees a kitten** OMG KITTY, I mean..**ahem** Anyway back to what I was saying. Wait..what was I saying?

Curse my short term memory ;__; Oh, once, while I was walking down the aisles of Wal Mart I ran into an adorable little muffin plushie, I picked it up and put it over a shelf thingy, and when a little boy walked by i yelled out" BOI GETCHU AZZ OVA HURR" The little guy freaked when he saw the muffin...and then once i baught these purple rainbow socks. Totally rocked my world. If any I love toe socks, they're really awesome and quite colourful. Did you know that as i write this about...I'm not wearing any underwear?;o Well back to business. GAH! I still no not what to add here to make it a very long about...should I include my likes and dislikes after all?

But...I don;t wanna :'(
I'm not going to fall for it..Nope not gunna. You could give me million dorrah and I will still not include my likes and Dislikes. Oy, did you hear about the parrot? Yep...it was fried with bacon and then eaten by midgets. Sad thing isn't it? Jeebus Christ stop bothering me about that! I will not include them! Never!

~x Likes x~

-[x]Orange Juice[x]-
-[x]Japanese rock[x]-
-[x]Japanese pop[x]-
-[x]Fruit roll ups {the strawberry kind}[x]-
-[x]My senpai[x]-
-[x]My master[x]-
-[x]My owner Misa <3[x]-
-[x]Hyde Laruku[x]-
-[x]Dir En Grey In general[x]-
-[x]Music in general[x]-
-[x]German metal[x]-
-[x]Death metal[x]-
-[x]Hard rock[x]-
-[x]Soft rock[x]-
-[x]Avi art[x]-
-[x]My friends[x]-
-[x]Drawing other peoples avi's[x]-
-[x]Playing with knives and fire[x]-

-[x] And many more I just cannot think of them at the moment[x]-

~x Dislikes x~

-[x]People who think I'm a n00b (but its kinda funny)[x]-
-[x]Phones D:[x]-
-[x]Mean people[x]-
-[x]Being cold v.v[x]-
-[x]People pulling my kitty tail[x]-
-[x]People who use the word "Bored" often[x]-
-[x]People who are mean to my friends[x]-
-[x]Hairy Chickens[x]-
-[x]People who say they're "Horny"[x]-
-[x]Rude people[x]-
-[x]Con artists[x]-
-[x]Hippity hoppity[x]-
-[x]Rap music[x]-
-[x]Those who claim they are "Gangster"[x]-
-[x]Those who are not Original[x]-
-[x]Those who bash the gay pride[x]-
-[x]Close minded people[x]-
-[x]Arguing over the internet {So pointless}[x]-
-[x]More people who keep asking If anyone wants to cyber[x]-
-[x]Impolite language D;[x]-
-[x]Being ignored[x]-
-[x]Being alone[x]-
-[x]Having no pickles[x]-
-[x]Having no soda[x]-
-[x]The sun[x]-
-[x]Being too hot[x]-
-[x]Despise LABELS with great passion[x]-
-[x]Highschool musical[x]-
-[x]Justin Timberlake[x]-
-[x]Jesse McCartney[x]-

-[x]And many more things, But as I said before i can't think of them[x]-

O_O Oh no! You people made me do it....Why must you all be so ebil ;__; I didn't want to do it. But I guess i ended up doing it. I'm doooooooooomed! Well, well, back to my "Making an enormous About" Crisis. Hmm...any new ideas folks? Any takers? Should i post pictures of disturbing things? Nah, thats too complicated.

"Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?"
"No sir, I do not bite my thumb"
"I shall ask ye again, Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?"
"No sir, I do not bite my thumb at thee"
"But, I do indeed bite my thumb"

Hmm..That didn't seem to work. Should I post how much love someone on here? But..I have not a person like that. Sad..I wish i had a puppy, but puppies and kitties don't go together do they? Bleh, All this attempt on trying to make an enormous About Me has failed...What a waste of time If you ask me. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you all kindly for trying to help me in this time of need. Too bad i didn't get very far.

Well this about will have to do.


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Hello : D How are you? : P
Griffith Behelit

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Griffith Behelit

my new avi idea was that of a male.
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Bloody Cherry Bomb

Yes I have changed....Very much...
Bloody Cherry Bomb

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Bloody Cherry Bomb

I was currently in an extreme state of boredome forcing me to read it...so yeah..
Bloody Cherry Bomb

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Bloody Cherry Bomb

O.o I can't believe i read all of that...Although it was quite entertaining...

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Touch me again, plz.

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Kyle-X 2005

yo whats up nice profile ya got here anyway thought id say whats up cuz im bored and got nothin to do right now

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who? O.o

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santo cielo :0

te gusta el jugo de naranja...

yo adoro el jugo de naranja