Haii! <33

To start off my name is Alexa and it means Defender. Although I liek to be called Jazz. =p
My soul was placed into my body, Friday February 7. I'm a Scene Teen Girl and I lovve cookies. I'm 14 and I lovve music! Especially Scary Kids Scaring Kids! I speak English, French and slowly learning Japanese, Greek, Spanish, Slovakian and Ukrainian. (Yeahh yeahh I'm a language freak I know; but I take "Freak" as a compliment ;D ) I lovve art and I dream to become the world's best Artist one dayy....but my mum will only let me become an Art teacher =.= (Liek I mean, good enough for then I guess.)
I lovve smiles and everyone always sees me smiling. (My dad tells me when I'm old, I'll have wrinkles around my mouth and eyes from smiling so much). Although that doesn't necessarily mean I'm always truly happy...I'm just a great actress ;P

xoxo Forever,


(A poem written about me by my best friend Jam_Luv_Fire <33)
I sing the most beautiful song
And try to do no wrong,
I have so much on my shoulder,
No one can remove this boulder.

I'm a unique type of Artist,
I hope to get the farthist,
I'm very clumsy,
But it's not my fault!
I keep many thoughts locked up in a vault.

As you can see,
There's a lot to mee,
That no one could understand,
Now all I need,
is some sympathee.
And someone to hold my hand


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Jazz forever for eternity

This is my online diary, sometimes I'll write lyrics, poems, stories or just how my day went.



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you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!it really works!
Lovely Panties

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Lovely Panties

Aah, hi lex!
Do you still play? (-^〇^-)

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Haha Thats Cool :]

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Haha, That's Cool. =] Are You Having Fun?

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Great! & I'm Guessing That Friend Is Jam. =]

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How Are You? (:

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Hey, Jazz (:
Demonique Babii

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Demonique Babii

Oh nice! I wanna come toooo hahaha but I can't stare Gotta go to a stupid BBQ
Demonique Babii

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Demonique Babii

Ya, I heard that haha an really? I think its a pretty good song xP
Demonique Babii

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Demonique Babii

LOL really?! Am i the only person who just found out about her now? lmao
Oh ya, im cool haha but have u heard Snow White by Labyrinth Ear?


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