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Am I Good At This Introduction?


If your the Judgmental "TYPE" of Person, then you might assume that I'm french due to that greeting. Well sorry to disappoint you but I'm not french or even someone who is from Europe. I'm actually From the East and My Country's located Above the equator. It's latitude and longitude is.. IDK! But Anyways I live in the Philippines and been on Gaia since 2008. I like playing zOMG and you would often see me in Basken Lake, Gold Beach or probably Bill's Rach. I'm also addicted with Role playing, any genre will do, and if your interested on having me as a fellow Role Player just beep me or something.
I Also love posting in the Forums, I Hangout in the Quest and Charity Achievements,Chatter Box and Gaia Dressing Room. Now That's about my Gaia. Here are some Fun facts about me.
ϟ I love reading Books! You could see in my Interests what Books I love to read.
ϟ I love eating sweets! Cakes, cupcakes, Frappes, Parfaits etc. Makes me hungry.
ϟ I'm not into Horror Movies, I have a very vivid and wild Imagination.
ϟ I love eating in general, I eat almost every minute but I don't get fat. MAGIC!
ϟ I would really Die If I could have a chance to visit any place in Europe.
ϟ I love listening to Taylor Swift, One Direction, Adele, He is We, Green Day and My Chemical Romance.
ϟ I love talking and chatting but not texting.
ϟ Oh and To clear Things I'm Male and Straight.
ϟ I hate People who thinks they're way much better than everyone.
ϟ I hate show-offs.
ϟ I hate Back-Stabbing-Snakes. (Especially if their Venomous)
ϟ I hate frogs.
ϟ I'm Scared Of Heights.

I'm not the overly Happy-Medium-Type Of Person I'm just one of those Normal Teens who likes to get work out of the way and pop corn. So this is me, I you want to Dig Deeper PM or Comment and we'll talk about it.



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