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"The reason why Sena doesn't have any female friends is because she is an arrogant child of priviledge, hated by girls due to her good looks and popularity with boys (or at least to her, a bunch of doormats)."

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Sena herself stated that she inherited most of her looks from her mother. Sena has a pair of light-blue eyes and long, light-blond hair that flows half way to her back. Sena has a very buxom body (which was one of the reasons why she doesn't have any female friends) and tends to flaunt herself. Sena almost always wears her butterfly hairclip on her head and is usually depicted in her school uniform. When in public, Sena would wear flashy clothes that would fit her well. Sena also owns a blue with yellow-threaded bikini.


On the outside, Sena appears to be an ordinary high school girl but in truth, Sena is arrogant and prideful by nature and is well aware of this, even once stating that she should do that since she's that good. Sena considers herself like some sort of queen or goddess to the school and would often treat her fellow male students as servants (not that they mind). Because of her personality and her beauty, she has no female friends.
Sena also believed that there are two types of girls, the ones who would be her friends and the others are all not worthy of her. Sena also does not treat the boys in her class with much respect due to them constantly oogling at her and doing whatever she told them to, as such, Sena merely sees them as her servants.

However, whenever Sena's ego is shattered by someone else (mostly Yozora), she bursts in tears and flings childish insults before running away. Sena was also shocked to see that Kodaka does not act like the boys in her class (wanting to be stepped on) and hence, views Kodaka in a different light (implied to have developed feelings for him).

Perfectionist by fault, for example, Sena always tries her best at her games even if it deprives her of her sleep. Sena is so hooked up to her games that she would become very angry if her games were insulted in any way.


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Skixsis Report | 12/28/2012 6:28 pm
Oh sure no problem ^-^

Me too biggrin
Ethereal Darkness Report | 12/22/2012 4:06 am
Ethereal Darkness

Fairy Tail <3
Platinum-Shiro Report | 12/20/2012 8:32 am
I hope the last part was fairy tail in japanese because i did not understand that

And thank you, i knew it looked familiar
Platinum-Shiro Report | 12/19/2012 7:43 pm
Thank you for buying 4laugh

BTW, what is the anime you have on your profile. It seems familiar but i forgot the name to it
LeviathanBlaze Report | 12/16/2012 12:42 pm
Well Heeyyyyyy deeer dramallama

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