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FlowerOfMay Report | 02/24/2013 5:22 am
Just popping in to say hello ! Hope you are doing good ! biggrin
FlowerOfMay Report | 12/31/2012 5:39 am
Just popping in to say HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!
Mrs Casil Report | 05/19/2012 4:40 pm
Mrs Casil
Lmao oh wow. You do know there is a Pokemon Section in Forums with people who love to Wi-Fi battle
Mrs Casil Report | 05/19/2012 4:29 pm
Mrs Casil
I didn't really "find them", I just went to a random Rally and poof I saw some Pokemon Trainer Names and Pokemon names and I'm all like what a concisidence XD
Mrs Casil Report | 05/19/2012 3:11 pm
Mrs Casil
Yeah I love Red the most he is so bad ass. Also yeah the funny thing is I went to the Rally and I saw a few people cosplaying as pokemon and I'm all like LOL omg so we all pretended to have a Pokemon Battle in the Rally and it was so funny lol
Mrs Casil Report | 05/19/2012 2:58 pm
Mrs Casil
Lmao Same here xD I wish I was a boy so I can use a Boy Avatar and cosplay as the Trainer RED but I might Cosplay as the Champion Cynthia Soon biggrin I also want to cosplay Lord N and Ghetsis
Mrs Casil Report | 05/19/2012 2:29 pm
Mrs Casil
Thank you xD I like it too lmao I wanted to buy one before the prices increased some more again
Mrs Casil Report | 05/19/2012 12:54 am
Mrs Casil
I've been Bad as usual.
Mrs Casil Report | 05/18/2012 10:45 pm
Mrs Casil
yum_puddi Juuuuuuuubiiiiiii how have you been home dawg? ;3 yum_puddi
XP XxDeadmua5xX Report | 01/12/2012 5:35 pm
XP XxDeadmua5xX
cool pro


Troll Poem That I wrote Awhile Back:
You stare into the darkness of the Fro,
Dark as the deepest Abyss,
You are sucked in,
A gravitational pull stronger than that of the moon,
Slowly and steady,
Closer and closer every moment,
You feel as though You are falling towards your end,
And then before You can stop yourself...,
You touched the Fro,
Softer than any synthetic fabric or animal fur known,
An Eternity of History and Greatness endowed in DNA,
With the end result of a Fro,
You touched the Fro,
And from it You learned all,
You touched the Fro,
Love, Inspiration, Loss, Death, Nature, Religious...
All of these things and more, from a single touch of the Fro,
You touched the Fro.
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