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Hello, Lovelies.

Hello there! My name is Jessica. I would say "It's nice to meet you," but seeing how you're stalking my profile and not technically interacting with me, I'll go ahead and save that for when you and I actually communicate. 3nodding
Anywho, I'm a 28-year-old lady with a B.A. in English, various and sundry interests, and a tendency to get really excited about one or two of those interests exclusively for short periods of time.
I'm a licensed teacher for secondary English and Spec Ed, now, so there's that whole deal. Teaching is pretty neat, but it certainly has eaten up a lot of my time/aged me prematurely.

Uh... that's about it, I guess. See you online!

Things I'm Currently Loving

Artist of the Month:Passion Pit (I forgot how much I like this band)
Author of the Month: Various (Pathfinder novels all the way, bby)
Game of the Month: Sonic Shuffle (For the masochist in us all)

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Aquilegia Report | 09/27/2012 11:46 am
[]Luxord[] Report | 07/04/2012 6:51 pm
IIIIIIIII think you're the best
[]Luxord[] Report | 07/04/2012 6:50 pm
cool avi
Weif Report | 01/03/2011 4:06 pm
Alchameer Report | 08/19/2010 1:28 pm
I am doing these Gaia achievement things, so I had to say that on someone's profile.
Alchameer Report | 08/19/2010 1:28 pm
cool avi
Resone Report | 01/23/2010 9:26 pm
yes mam ^_^ *salutes* XD but ok if you want it...... i shall do it ^_^
Resone Report | 01/23/2010 9:13 pm
but..but...... ok...thank you for your kindness.....however one day when i can i am paying you back.....ok?...
Resone Report | 01/22/2010 8:23 pm
but the biggest question is why?... i dont even know you and your soo nice to me....
Resone Report | 01/08/2010 1:16 pm
omg...... thank you for the lantern........ wow...... ^_^


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