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justmisterp Report | 01/19/2008 11:55 am
shutup u arab jew
[.-S h a d o w s-.] Report | 01/09/2008 5:14 pm
[.-S h a d o w s-.]
Pup The Drama Queen Report | 12/03/2007 11:49 am
Pup The Drama Queen
Yea dude .. maybe if **She** was a little smarter she would of known that never to click links... So.. Wow.. your just amazing kid.. And you go and post on brandons profile, Kid grow some ******** back bone and maybe a d**k.
That Kyro Freed Report | 12/03/2007 10:23 am
That Kyro Freed
did you have fun making an a** of yourself? User Image

Well now you learned of the magicalness of hacked accounts...sorry it had to befall your friend.
Kuenchi Report | 12/02/2007 11:59 am
You'll just have to find a post like the one being posted on her name.

I can't even garantee she'll get her account back.

Try reporting it though, that's the most you can do.

Situations like this only teaches you to be more careful to where you put your information.
Never Ask Dante Report | 12/02/2007 11:41 am
Never Ask Dante
you are still stupid. check your facts first before falsly accusing.

also: she wasnt banned becasue oif the thread..duh.

she was banned becuase of the scamming posts.

she is just going to have to make a new account,. gaia does not give accounts back to anyone with scamming posts.

you cant provei t was her technecly.

though it might be true.

so tell her to be more carefull next time.

and to make a new account
Death of Emiko Report | 12/02/2007 9:59 am
Death of Emiko
What you posted on my friends profile is just enough to get you banned.
Never Ask Dante Report | 12/02/2007 9:27 am
Never Ask Dante
wow.. the n00bs speaks.

maybe you should get a clue and realize that what she was doing was hmmm...according to the rules.


and what your doing is immaturely, and stupidly standing up for trash.

yes ^__^ the trash has a hero.

go little knight!

ah wait on second thought, shut up.

xD get a clue little knight.

fighting for trash is not worth it unless your a hobo.

so go live in a box and get kicked to death for x-mass by a bunch of

really honestly horrible people who really don't care.

instead of ratting unknowingly on some one who is ten times better then trash and you little boy.

thanks for sharing the joy.

Kuenchi Report | 12/02/2007 7:53 am
I had a perfectly good reason to report her.

I don't know what thread your talking about, but she was posting for a suppose guild called "Cherish".

It promised Mystic Halos to the first 50 to join.

The link to get to the guild was nothing but a ripway site that looked like Gaia.

The site makes you think you got logged out and that's where they hope to get you.

That is why I reported her post.

I even sent her a message telling her I reported her so she could move her items to another account incase she fell for that and the original scammer was just using her account.

That scam needed to come to an end, so I reported the two gaians I had saw.
I am Magnificent Report | 07/26/2007 3:52 pm
I am Magnificent





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