******** IT, THUG LIFE!

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My names Justin Overholser.
I'm a unique person with a complicated mind.
I'm into supernatural and paranormal stuff.
I'm also into beauty and self image.
I like to party all the time,I'm simply a very open person.
If I meet you I will show no sign of nervousness because I'm not normally very shy.
I like video games, who doesn't.
I'm bi-sexual, get over it.
I love music, I long to be a singer for a band one day.
I love art. Drawing, finger painting, stuff like that.
I'm not in to religion very much I respect it unless I'm harassed by one of those people that come up to your door.
I love fighting, martial arts 'nd stuff like that.
I'm not a whole lot into relationships, and I'm certainly not into online dating.
I go to high school and I'm a sophomore.
My life is quite troublesome but thats none of yo biz.