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That is her name

Adrian Hunter

Who is she

Lives in a foreign country
Watches anime
Reads manga, mostly Yaoi.
Loves music
TV is life
Ugly in my standards
Is a nice person
Likes people
Loves Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Reads classics
Does Photography, when she can
Reading avengers fanfics.

she doesn't look a thing like jesus

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Tadalicious Report | 04/30/2013 7:54 am
Cool avi. 3nodding
Grand Priest Report | 01/01/2013 7:59 pm
Grand Priest
Have a Happy New Year! *Randomness*
Mfable Report | 07/14/2012 10:36 am
I am not sure, but I think that is around seven in the morning here. Not so great with timezones, but it is something funky like that. I'll catch you eventually.
Mfable Report | 07/13/2012 10:57 am
You need to get on and chat with me way more often. I misses you. crying
Malaeta Report | 06/18/2012 9:36 pm
Nothing much really, just some school stuff that's all sweatdrop
And you?
Malaeta Report | 05/13/2012 12:23 am
Sorry for the Laaaaate reply!
I don't play Gaia anymore sorry sweatdrop
Ning-Shu Report | 04/20/2012 10:24 pm
Also, I don't understand why it translated "not bad," literally. Like, I would have expected hai xin or bu cuo...
Ning-Shu Report | 04/20/2012 10:20 pm

Who the hell knows how to translate verbal fluency that isn't working as a professor?!
Malaeta Report | 04/04/2012 7:10 pm
Nope, I was about to. I heard it was a Great Movie smile
Valtiel the Watcher Report | 04/01/2012 7:27 am
Valtiel the Watcher
Well the bars and tobacconist I go to generally have that clientele and honestly I have more in common with most older people than people my own age. Strangly enough I am more likely to be patronized by people my own age or younger than people in their 60's


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