You can call me JALP, LP, Para, or whatever else you want, for the most part.
I'm twenty-four.
I'm Canadian.
I'm five feet and four inches tall.
I weigh about two hundred twenty pounds.
Obviously, I am fat.
I've had Type 1 Diabetes since I was eight and no it has/had nothing to do with obesity. I was in fine shape (if a little too skinny) back then, thank you.
I have been diagnosed with depression, social anxiety, and OCD.
I have terribly low self-esteem.
I'm a virgin and probably will stay that way until I die.
I believe in God.
I have two pet dogs and a pet cat.
I live at home with my parents and younger brother.
I'm a high school drop-out. I never finished Grade 10.
My feelings are easily hurt but I rarely let people know.
I am a tattoo enthusiast. I only have four at the moment.
I would love to have even more but they're expensive and I'm poor.
I have a hard time with spelling. The letters always jumble up in my head.
Spell Check is heavenly.
"Diabeetus" jokes piss me off immensely. Most of them are not funny.
If I could, I would spend all day, every day in bed sleeping.
I prefer dreams to reality.
I dream about actors a lot.
I freaking love dreams. Talking about them, having them, remembering them.
I love to role-play.
Movies and music are two of my main addictions.
I watch a lot of TV.
I build elaborate worlds inside my head and spend more time in them than I do in reality.
I used to write poetry and have been published.
I adore animals.
I like to go out in rainstorms and play. Even thunderstorms.
I used to bike a lot.
I miss going to camp.
I'm a self-aware hypocrite.
I like icons and smileys.


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That's cool. I like that too, but I also like folk music and classical music. smile

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Yes they are. What type of music do you like?

Report | 02/15/2013 8:45 pm


I'm fine, listening to Paramore smile

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Hey. Nice profile layout.
How are you?


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