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jus a girl11

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Birthday: 11/20

Hey wat up its meh susana im 14 ,anywayim a b***h when i want 2 be illl ignore you sometimes but i would have a good reason ,um im nice you can ask some of my friends if i am,um iIhave a problem with people who say s**t but aint got nothin 2 back it up and wana start something and dont know how 2 end it .I really reallyhate PEOPLE THAT ARE FAKE !they say there this one minute the next there a creakhead smokeming weed it dosent even make scince well i make good grades and i love every one (no homo)

IM THE b***h scream smile cool

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jus a girl11
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jus a girl11

im nice im byo so yeah

my cousin jason in real and fake life girls think he is cute now he saids look at him in real life

now leave my page

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wanted by many,tooken bye none,hated bye many,talking to some,wating for one

when people tell me to go to hell i say i already been there cause thats how a bad a** i am .they tell my shut up when they have no com bakk i say i cant ritte now im talkingg .they say after they leave to talk beind my bakk to say they hate me 'i go up to them and say if you dont have haters you ant dowin somtin ritte and you just proverd your self to be a hater if you dont read this

if im at the point were im alone in this game thin s**t thats how itll be