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Colored Hollow Report | 12/01/2016 4:59 am
Colored Hollow
mrgreen i likes your music on your profile eek
Sorata Shiranui Report | 05/26/2016 7:42 am
Sorata Shiranui
Thanks for buying ! 3nodding
dmstgirl Report | 08/09/2015 2:19 pm
thanks smile the only part i dont like is that i dont have some of my dream items... if i had been on more before i would.
dmstgirl Report | 08/07/2015 4:50 pm
love ur avatar
Perverti Report | 03/29/2015 4:54 pm
Haha, thanks so much :3
Elzia Irithyl Report | 03/29/2015 12:00 am
Elzia Irithyl
I do though. It's nice to hear that people like it since not all of my avatars are complimented <u>
Hearing a compliment means I'm doing something right ;u;
Elzia Irithyl Report | 03/28/2015 11:52 pm
Elzia Irithyl
Oh, well thank you ;//u//;
Extreme Yoloing Report | 03/26/2015 12:50 pm
Extreme Yoloing
I don't remember things very well either gonk
Extreme Yoloing Report | 03/26/2015 12:20 pm
Extreme Yoloing
Thank you for wishing me a kind welcome c:
Lady Twilight Rahl Report | 03/26/2015 3:22 am
Lady Twilight Rahl
Well that is very kind of you to say! emotion_hug

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