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In which I ramble on about myself

Profile currently under construction. It won't be done for a long, long time.

Despite the fact that my avatar is male, and frequently dressed in more masculine clothes, I am in fact female. A tomboy, yes, but female nonetheless.

I also love my doggy. :3

Be warned: I am a neurotic wreck who usually has nothing better to do than to hang out on gaia waiting for someone to post in an RP thread even though I really ought to be studying or something like that. Also, ducks.

Look at all these things I've accomplished

  • Victory![119]
  • Peelunger Pounder[120]
  • Gramster Gladiator[121]
  • Lawn Gnome Clipper[122]
  • Lawn Gnome Mower[123]
  • Gnomercy[124]
  • Pink Flamingo Fighter[125]
  • Pink Flamingo Hunter[126]
  • Pink Flamingo Poacher[127]
  • Mushroom Cannon Thumper[128]
  • Mushroom Cannon Tormentor[129]
  • Air Fluff Deflater[131]
  • Air Fluff Decimator[132]
  • Garlic Picker[134]
  • Garlic Harvester[135]
  • Skeeter Squasher[137]
  • Skeeter Slayer[138]
  • Laceback Bootsnake Skinner[140]
  • Laceback Bootsnake Butcher[141]
  • OMG That Hurt[143]
  • OMG Ouch![144]
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junodog's crazy crazy world

This is probably the most pointless piece of crap you've ever read.

Have fun talking about me...

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SexyShady1018 Report | 03/27/2011 9:28 pm
heart Love you!!! heart
Ravyn457 Report | 01/04/2011 6:52 pm
Looking for Queen fans to vote for me in the cosplay avi arena this week, please vote! http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/gaia/cosplay-avatar/vote/?entry_id=102429533
jerseyFRESH Report | 11/22/2010 10:24 pm
4laugh Just wanted to say cute dog! looks just like my little occy.
xips Report | 08/07/2010 11:28 am
cute doggie X3


sorry i had toooo
0 SunshineStorm 0 Report | 07/31/2010 12:53 pm
Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I see that you are a fan of Danny Phantom.
Would you mind signing a petition to revive the series? Thank you!
Link: http://www.petitiononline.com/stgwltm/petition.html

Contact me if you want to do more than just sign the petition.
Red RRabbit Report | 06/21/2010 12:33 pm
it already got destroyed anyway gonk
invisibility is impossible -.-;
A Violent Honey Badger Report | 05/03/2010 12:42 pm
Lol. Well, I could go and make a big story about it, but I don't wanna. .w.
A Violent Honey Badger Report | 05/03/2010 11:29 am
I crack up every time I see it. Timmy is like, "O: I wanna get in", and you just look at him. xD
A Violent Honey Badger Report | 05/03/2010 9:47 am
LMAOOO your avi.

xena91388 Report | 04/30/2010 8:54 pm
Weird o_O the doggy was what made me think of DA. . . .


I am a paranoid neurotic wreck. I also have a dog named Juno.


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