Name: Junkie-Senpai
Age: 259 months old
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Wisconsin
Currently lives in: California
Height: 5' 3
Eye Color: Hazel but they tend to change color
Hair: Burgundy/purple
Skin: Pale
Tattoo(s): None yet
Piercings: Earlobes which have been stretched to 14mm
Description of daily surroundings: Darkness
Hobbies: Collecting tea sets
Love interest(s): I only have one and that's my dearest darling, Jack
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Dominant Hand: Right
Diet: Vegetables and other rotten junk.
Virgin?: Totally
Drinker?: Yes
Smoker?: Eh
Drug user?: Haha, no. Drugs are bad, mmkay
Other addictions?: Cats, video games, & coffee

'07 gaian who finally came back home in September of 2015.
I've got like a million names, ask and you may actually already know me
Met a guy here after I said I'd never date online or on gaia ever again
Started dating October 18th 2015 4laugh
We got to meet in person on February 13th 2016
On May 31st 2016, I moved 1676 miles from my homeland to be with him♥
Best choice of my life, its been wonderful so far

Update: We are still together, happy as ever♥
Thank you gaia for helping me find the human who'd tickle me pink and be there for me always. I gave you some of my best years and you gave me the bestest thing of all... a husband ♥

Skype: junklecosmonaut
Snapchat: junklecosmonaut
Instagram: junklecosmonaut
Gamertag: junklecosmonaut