I am Dreamer
    I am Oracle
    I see your blood fall
    I see the blade in my hand
    I am Roamer
    I am Nomad
    I am without a home
    I am the eternal wanderer
    I am Forever
    I am Eternal
    I am desperation incarnate
    I watch the world crumble
    I am Wraith
    I am Ghost
    I walk among the living
    I am dead within
    I am Fear
    I am Silence
    I am that which bumps in the night
    I am that which holds your thoughts in my palm
    I am Whisper
    I am Shadow
    I know those who do evil
    I watch as they struggle against the light.
    I am Prophet
    I am Heretic
    I am He Who is called upon when the light begins to fade
    I am He Who heeds that call and drags the darkness down where it belongs
    I was Zealot
    I was Love
    I am He Who has lost that faith
    I am He Who has forgotten that love
    I am Dreamer
    I am Oracle
    I am He who sees that which has yet to be
    I am He who watches silently as our end approaches

    The Oracle - By Conor Bryan.

    I am Asidel, But I also go by : Karr, And Salem, take your pic.
    I like white chocolate as opposed to the others.
    My favorite drink is cold water, don't know why.
    Favorite colors are gold, silver, gray, black and white.
    I am an Aquarius, and was born on Valentines day.
    Im 20, and reside somewhere in California.
    Im about 6 feet two inches, short brownish hair, slim, but not skinny.
    Grayish blue eyes, and sort of quiet.

    Im very laid back, and I like to help people.
    I sometimes forget to do important things in light of doing something amusing.
    Well more often then sometimes. I try to enjoy just being alive as best I can.
    Which is easy because life is what you make it. I make it fun.
    I have a strange thing with animals, they follow me just about everywhere I go.
    thats about it. thanks for stopping by.

    Formally : Karr- The Oracle, Sariel - The Redeemer

    Down By The Reeds

    Down by the reeds
    Down by the reeds
    Swim the Sirens of Oakvale
    Out to the seas

    Down by the reeds
    Down by the reeds
    Float the souls left unbroken
    By white balverines

    Down by the reeds
    Night blooming weeds
    Embrace those who go dancing
    In sad moonlit dreams

    Down by the reeds
    A twisted path leads
    To banshees who breathe out
    A cold winter's breeze

    Nobody knows
    Nobody sees
    The Sirens of Oakvale
    Down by the reeds


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